Boy, the Cardinals got fleeced on those Grichuk and Diaz deals

The Blue Jays made a few buy-low moves last winter, acquiring Randal Grichuk and Aledmys Diaz from the St. Louis Cardinals in two separate deals. It’s safe to say these deals worked out better for Toronto than they did for St. Louis.

First, the Jays sent former second-round pick J.B. Woodman to the Cards for Diaz. After that, they sent breakout reliever Dominic Leone and high-upside pitching prospect Conner Greene to St. Louis for Grichuk. The only one left in the Cardinals organization, one year later, is Leone.

Woodman was released by the Cardinals half way through the season after slashing a .246/.318/.373 line and Greene was designated for assignment today as the Cardinals shuffle their 40-man roster to navigate the Rule 5 draft.

The Jays managed to turn two essentially non-prospects and a reliever who would go on to post a 4.50 ERA in 24 innings into three years of Grichuk, one of Diaz, and, after the deal with Houston, six years of Trent Thornton. The front office gets a lot of shit for things like the Kendrys Morales contract and going half-in, half-out the past couple seasons, but they’ve made some smart, shrewd moves to add depth and value to the organization.

I hope we see some more Grichuk and Diaz style buy-low moves this off-season.

  • AD

    Who cares tbh, the jays are going nowhere for the next 2-3 years and those players the jays added are all complimentary, no differnece makers. It shows you how far the jays have fallen that we are now celebrating winning these types of moves. This FO is terrible, AA was ten times more ambitious. Oh, And fuck you Rogers

    • Terry Mesmer

      AD, the Jays’ stars got old and the front office learned too late that the PED era is over. But they’re trying to bring in talent, short term (someone has to play in 2019) and long term (to fill in the monster gaps AA left in the minors). If you think the only worthwhile moves are for superstars, and anything else is is a sign of incompetence, well, go fap yourself.

    • Buggles

      AD, you are a moron. Another of the AA butt kissers. Management are setting up the Jays for the future, and naturally to get to the future you need to rebuild plain and simple. Just look at Houston as an example.

      • AD

        Not sure who the moron is here, you are gonna tell me this dimwit front office is better than AA? AA was hyper aggressive in always trying to improve the team, he always aimed to bring in more talent. These guys are lethargic and dont have any plan to compete witb bos and nyy. Look at their draft picks, trades. They are all about the “safe” moves and raising the floor. But you need high impact, high ceiling to win in this division. You are just another rogers/front office butt kisser.

        • BLUJBABY

          I would argue that it really is a case of timing. Let’s re-evaluate where things stand heading into next year and most definitely the year after. Right now, I highly suspect ownership is willing to kick in too much money to take on high priced contracts via trade, or free agency, with Tulo, Martin and Morales eating up almost half of the teams projected $110 million salary budget. By next year, Tulo goes from $21 million to $14M. Martin’s $20M is gone as is KM’s $12M. By then we’ll have a read on where the outfield stands vis-a-vis Grichuk, Teo, Alford. A better read on Vladdy, Bo, Guerriel, and the catchers. And their best pitching prospects are indeed a year or two away. This will will chart out how aggressive they will get heading in to 2020, and I bet, by 2021, the front office could be looking to start adding some star power via trade and free agency. But at the end of the day, why spend the money now, when the team knows it won’t compete?

        • The Humungus

          You don’t know what a “safe” move is, do you?

          Drafting high school players with strong University commitments in the first three rounds is never a “safe” move. Just ask AA. This Front Office has done so with 4 of their 9 top picks already (Bichette, Danner, Groshans, Kloffenstein), with three of them ranking in the teams top 12 prospects.

          Nate Pearson was projected to go in the third round and they took him in the first.

          They know what they are doing, and for you to assume otherwise before ANY of their picks makes it to the major leagues is ignorant.

          Besides, who the fuck did AA draft anyway? The best player he drafted was traded when he was still in A ball, and at that time was looked at as a reliever due to not having any semblance of a quality breaking ball despite three years of “development” in the team’s system.