It doesn’t make sense for the Jays to throw big money at Dallas Keuchel right now

…SO as you all know by now the Blue Jays are apparently interested in Dallas Keuchel according to Jon Heyman, who has to keep the hot stove burning as big free agents continue to sit on the shelf like a bad Phil Collins album.

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I didn’t really want to fall into the Heyman-spinning-wheel trap, but here I am typing this up even though I’m not using this latest rumour for clicks or anything. I think it’s pretty funny stuff that the Jays were included in this little whatever since Keuchel is represented by the one and only Scotty stylin’ and profilin’ Boras who said that the Jays are suffering from the deadly ‘blue flu’ and aren’t into spending cash on his talent.

I mean, I’m sure that Atkins checked in on Keuchel because that’s what GMs do, so I guess that means they ‘have interest’ or something like that. It’s kind of like when I go shopping and see a cool sweater and I look at it and then see that it’s $400 dollars and I put it back. For a second there, I had interest in it. The only difference is no one is about to talk about that half second of interest I had in buying that sweater.

There really isn’t any reason to even think about this dumb rumour because it’s not going to happen. But, since it is out and about in the ol’ Canadian hoser tundra many Jays fans are howling their Keuchel – EHs while Scotty Boras is cruising down some LA street in his Porsche with Sussudio cranked up for everyone to hear.

Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins have made it crystally clear that the organization isn’t going to go after any big time free agents this year, which is fine for now. But, even if they were, would you really want the Jays to dip into the Joe Natale and Rogers pocket for Keuchel?

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We all know that Keuchel can punch the inning’s clock, and that he had a fine season with the ‘Stros last year. But, maybe he’s not the pitcher the Jays will need in the ’20, ’21, and ’22 Vladdy years to come, or maybe he is. But, there really isn’t any reason to be talking about this stuff because it’s about as likely to happen as me buying Phil Collins’ Testify and grooving to it on a Friday night.

Sure, we would all be elated if the Jays went out and spent truck loads of cash every offseason like it was just another day in paradise, but that’s just not the corporate situation. I mean, we all know that the Jays do have a healthy payroll and the money is going to be there once Troy Tulowitzki’s bone spurs are finally off the books to spend when the time is right, but that time isn’t now.

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Next offseason, pitchers like Gerrit Cole, Chris Archer, Chris Sale and a bunch of other terrific arms will be hitting free agency, so maybe the best move right now is not to give a pitcher like Keuchel a Scotty B kind of contract. Maybe it’s best that the Jays use their resources to go after some bullpen arms like Yency Almonte, Adam Conley, Amir Garrett, Jose Castillo, Austen Williams or Caleb Frare, as Ben Nicholson-Smith wrote about last week. Maybe good free agent front-end starting pitchers will always be around every offseason, so why bother now?

I suggested for the hell of it that the Jays should go after a player like Mitch Haniger because the Jerry Dipoto pawn shop is open for business. If the Jays could think of a clever way to trade for a player like this, who is under control for a handful of years, that would be cool shit. If the Jays could put together a package like the one that they sent to Oakland for Josh Donaldson to get a Haniger deal done, that would be even cooler shit and a tune that would get us all dancing in the light…or at least me. But, maybe the waiting game is the proper play right now.

We might be in for a long offseason that won’t involve any kind of trades that bring back a player like Haniger. And we might be in for a long offseason that won’t have any big free agents like Keuchel sign in Toronto, as well. This winter is probably going to be the one where the best trades and signings the Jays make are the ones they don’t make because as we all know you can’t hurry love or building a sustainable baseball organization.

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(Ed. I apologize to all of you for the overload of Phil Collins references in this piece. I was at Sonic Boom, a record store in Toronto, and I flipped through a bunch of Phil Collins records while I was perusing through the Cs, and I haven’t been able to get the Phil out of my head. I guess it could be worse, I could believe the Jays are going to actually sign Keuchel…)