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The Blue Jays will pay Troy Tulowitzki $20 million to play for the Yankees this year

As everyone surely knows, the Blue Jays ate the remainder of Troy Tulowitzki’s salary, ultimately deciding that it was betting to pay him to not be around than it was to pay him to be around. The Jays bought out the remaining two years (and the third option year which featured a team option and a buyout) of Tulo’s deal, which was worth $38 million, thus making him a free agent.

And, because of course, Tulo will be joining the New York Yankees. According to Jeff Passan, the Yankees and the former All-Star shortstop are in agreement on a one-year deal worth somewhere around the league minimum.

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With the Jays paying Tulo a boatload of cash this year anyway, the money doesn’t matter. What’s important here is the opportunity to succeed. The Yankees have a big opening at short with Didi Gregorious set to miss a good chunk of the 2019 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Tulo will now be in the mix to become New York’s shortstop in Sir Didi’s absence, giving him a chance to play in a hitter-friendly ballpark insulated by a lineup loaded with sluggers.

Since we live in a simulated version of hell, there’s absolutely zero doubt in my mind Tulo is going to kill it with the Yankees this year. I mean, this is the Yankees. They turn water into wine every year, acquiring castaways like Gregorius and Aaron Hicks, sprinkle them with a little magic Yankee dust, and BAM suddenly they’re stars. Again, since the world we live in is nowhere near fair and baseball is mostly just some cruel joke, Tulo will have a great, healthy season and he’ll hit, like, 25 homers.

I’m not complaining about Tulo doing well. I’d love to see him hit his stride and salvage his career. I’d just really, really like for it not to be with the Yankees. I was hoping he could pull it off in baseball’s version of a retirement home in San Diego.

My only ask? Tulo wears No. 2 because Fuck Derek Jeter.

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  • TomHorn

    People are trashing management for Tulo signing with the Yankees but it was HIS choice. Besides he’s a .250 hitter who cant run and Yankee stadium isnt a hitters park unless you hit a lot to Right Field.

  • Maharg

    This is just a cruel joke. Is there a reason the jays wouldnt keep him until spring training to see if he could play and trade him? Even if they have to eat salary at least he doesnt end up with the Yankees

    • HNZ

      I’m just speculating and reading inbetween the lines but I doubt it was as amicable as they tried to make it seem. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rift in the relationship as far as confidence in him, moving forward with the young core and where the FO were trying to have him play to make the price more worthwhile. I’m sure they decided (as they said) together to split instead of trying it out and waiting to see if his value would grow but I’m sure they prob felt it was going to be a power struggle between both sides throughout the year. Just look at the hard stance/posturing Ross and Tulo were doing over the past year. Tulo saying he would rather retire if he felt he wasn’t a MLB SS anymore vs Ross saying he didn’t think it would be likely be would be healthy enough to start at SS. Of course they would’ve rather kept him than pay him to play for someone else but I’m gonna assume it was seen as more of a headache.

      • HNZ

        I think Ross and Shapiro have done an amazing job building on the system (let’s not forget that Vlad was AA’s) but the one thing they do suck at compared to AA is communication and connecting. AA’s best attribute is how he communicated with his players, the media and the fans. All the players seemed to love how open he was and what was more evident to me was how AA has a knack of using the press conferences and interviews to inform the media infront of him but connect directly with the fans. His press conferences always came off as he was talking THROUGH the media and straight to us to get us excited. Hard to do IMO.

  • byngski

    As I recall, Tulo’s contract from the Rockies included one trade at the choice of the Rockies. That trade was eaten up when he was traded to Toronto. The Jays couldn’t trade him without his consent. If my memory is correct then Releasing him may have been their only option.