Sportsnet is only airing four Blue Jays Spring Training games

Spring training is right around the corner! Unfortunately, as of right now, you’ll only be able to watch four spring games on Sportsnet.  

Of course, the two exhibition games played in Montreal will be televised, but only two other Grapefruit League games will be aired by Sportsnet. Hazel Mae did go on to say that Sportsnet will pick up more games as the Jays play away from Dunedin. Last year, the Jays put together a broadcast for 10 different Grapefruit games, so it’s pretty shocking they’re shrinking that number all the way down to four.

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I can understand why Sportsnet wouldn’t want to send an entire production team down to Florida when you can’t predict the lineups for any given game. I mean, if Bo, Vlad, and other top prospects aren’t playing, only a select few people would bother to tune in to watch. That said, I would take just a camera from the broadcast booth along with a radio announcer doing play-by-play. It’s better than nothing.

Hopefully Dunedin’s newly-renovated facility which is set to open in 2020 will make it easier for the Jays to broadcast Spring Training games.

  • Tom Flawless

    Doesn’t seem like a great plan for marketing Vlad, Bo, and the rest. Many of the other faces aren’t recognizable, but that seems like a good reason to zoom in (metaphorically) and give us as closer look.

  • Kristen Sprague

    This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves with Rogers. You own the team and the channels and yet you cut back on showcasing your own team? This never made any sense. Especially since most of the games are in the afternoon. What will you air instead? Darts? Chess?