Which former Jay is most likely to win the World Series?

My old Casino Niagara days are long gone, and I don’t bet anymore – I don’t even play ProLine. I kind of stopped the whole betting thing because, ya know, I hate losing. It’s also why I don’t play the lottery because I don’t want to feel like a loser every single week. I’ve never quite understood the hardcore lottery people out there. Now, if you play the lottery, cool – totally not judging and I get it.

Now, the reason that I’m going on about this is because I decided to look up who the World Series favourites are for this season. I just googled ‘World Series favourites’ and OddShark was the first thing that showed up on my screen. So, if you’re a gambler and this site is dumb and their odds are bad, don’t give me any guff about it.

They have the Boston Red Sox with the best odds to take home the golden flags, followed by the Yankees, then the Dodgers, and then the ‘Stros. The Braves fall 11th on this list and the Oakland A’s check in near the middle at 14th. So, you might be thinking what the hell am I going on about because if I were you, I would be thinking that, too. But, after these comments by Tulo yesterday:

The Old Friends Revenge Tour begins.

Say what you will about Tulo’s post-game words and his celebration after the bomb he hit that soared just over 314 feet and scraped over the right-field fence. I don’t really care about that stuff too much. But, he did make some fine vintage Tulo plays in the field. The thing is: I like Tulo. I just hate the dumb Yankees more.

Maybe Tulo might comeback this year and put up numbers, which will make every Jays fan spit into the internet, howl into the wind, yell one’s guts out, or whatever stupid idiom you want to use. Maybe he will have an all-star kind of year in the pin stripes while being paid 20 million dollars by the Jays’ front office – fun times. Maybe this happens, or maybe it doesn’t. Either way, it won’t be as bad as when JD puts up 2017-5.1-fWAR numbers for Alex in Atlanta on a nickel 1-year contract. And there’s a good chance of this happening. But, at least, the Jays got Julian Merry-something from Cleveland. Real. Bad. Trade.

Josh Donaldson is the one player that I actually think is going to crush some serious advanced-metric numbers because Josh Donaldson is still one of the best fucking players in the game. And he might have more spite than Tulo:

So when it comes down to what Vegas thinks, Tulo and Happ apparently have the best odds from the old core of winning it all in October. Steve Pearce doesn’t count because Steve Pearce was not a part of the fun. He was a part of the 2017 #LetsRise that went sideways and led us into a dark room filled with ghouls that pound bad dance music.

Russ has a good shot to win it all and help LA break their we-haven’t-won-since-’88 skid. Followed by some pitcher for the ‘Stros who used to pitch for us. And then JD with the Braves and good ol’ Marco Estrada with the A’s.

Break ups are never fun for the fans, the players, or the front office – just wait until the Stroman thing eventually goes down. All you have to do is look at how some people have reacted since yesterday’s (sort of) game. Fans jump on to the turf guns blazing for or against Tulo and the things he said. I, honestly, couldn’t give a shit about what he said. But, I get why he said it. He’s a passionate athlete who wants to prove that he still has that 2016 3.0 fWAR in him. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder that’s for sure:

Whether you love any of them or hate them, the old friend revenge tour is on. And there is a real good shot that one of these core players from the good ol’ days will win a World Series this year. Watch it just be Steve Pearce with the goddamn Red Sox again.

  • dolsh

    It’s not possible for me to hope Tulo wins. I hope he’s successful, but I also hope the Yankees turn into the Mets.

    Josh? Yeah – I think a really good Atlanta team would be fun. It’ll suck to see him have an MVP year, but I’ll be happy for him to do it.

  • Oz Rob

    The weird thing about the Tulo thing is that Atkins rarely speaks out of turn and badly of anyone through his corporate zombie speak. But he kind of threw Tulo under the bus with his comments. They were pretty pointed. No wonder a proud athlete would get pissed off. I wonder why that was necessary? Any thoughts? Do you think Tulo’s comments about ‘being shortstop until someone better comes along’ had something to do with it?

  • bocajacob

    The good old days: roughly about 1.25 seasons. Hilarious. Man what a supremely disappointing and overrated group. Steroids, blisters, psychotic behaviour, old age, plethora of physical ailments, horrible play…The excuses for that group after a whole 1.25 years of good play were endless.

    The revenge tour….LOL…more like the has been, never got it done tour.

    Good riddance