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This Anthony Alford situation is a little strange

When Kendrys Morales was dealt yesterday, it was reported that Anthony Alford would be coming up to join the 25-man roster. Instead, when the roster was officially announced today, it was Rowdy Tellez filling in Kendrys Morales’ spot.

Adding confusion to the whole thing is that Anthony Alford is currently with the team in Toronto. He posted about it on Twitter and people like Jeff Blair were congratulating him on cracking the roster.

Ross Atkins commented earlier this morning about the confusion, but was incredibly vague about the reasoning…

A few different roster outcomes? What does that mean? Was there somebody dealing with a nagging injury that was a game-time decision today? Or is this an indication that something bigger was about to go down? Rob Fai, who covers Toronto’s Rookie League affiliate in Vancouver, had a particularity ominous comment on the Tellez and Alford confusion…

This makes me wonder if the Jays were working on a trade. Given that Alford plays centre field, my guess is that this hypothetical trade would have involved Kevin Pillar. Had the Jays pulled the trigger on such a deal, Alford immediately could have been ready to fill in for Pillar in the outfield.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m looking too far into it.

There’s a very good chance Alford is just sticking around with the club because the Buffalo Bisons season doesn’t begin until next Thursday and this is better than just having him kick around the minor league facility in Dunedin. Also, eight of the first 10 pitchers Toronto will face are right-handed, so that could be why they wanted Rowdy’s bat in the lineup off the hop. Maybe he’ll have a chance to get his 2019 season off to a hot start before Alford eventually joins the roster.

    • Sovtechno

      I think Jays fans are so low on KP because he goes through such prolonged slumps at the plate. That said, if you just look at his numbers it seems to me that they will get something tangible for him. If you look at a full season of work he is an above average MLBer. I don’t think the Jays should be so quick to be rid of him. I think he is capable of repeating what he did in 2015 – and if he does that 250k in intl. slot money would be a pretty hard kick to the groin.

  • Mose

    Disappointed Eric Sogard didn’t make the team….

    I get and respect that Urena makes sense given his youth and potential upside, but after watching Sogard in person in FLA, I’m confident he would have made the Jays a better team this year.

    After reading that of the past Jays top ten prospect lists, most years they were lucky to have 2 of 10 turn in an MLB player (never mind a star,) I’m doubtful Urena becomes anything more than what he is today….

    • El Cabeza

      Is this real? Eric Sogard is 32 years old and has a career OPS+ of 73. He contributed -0.9 bWAR in 55 games for the Brewers last year.

      Instead they’re giving a prospect the chance to show if he be a real MLBer in a season they have virtually no chance of contending in.

      This is what you choose to be upset about?

      • Mose

        In context, disappointed as a solid 3 on a scale of 10…

        “Nerd Power” reminds me of the Invincible movie takes where coach Vermeil describes the walk on as some with “heart… a player you can win with… ”

        Here’s to your description of Urena as a prospect and real MLBer coming true for the Jays…

        Also observed Pompey strike out looking twice last Wednesday in Dunedin… and then yap at the umpire… And now, he’s somehow concussed himself…

        Dustin Penner injuring himself eating pancakes should have been impossible to trump…