Bud Norris released from minor-league deal

As if this day didn’t need more news, the Blue Jays have reportedly released pitcher Bud Norris from his minor-league deal.

Signed as a late free agent, Norris was slotted to be a contender for a consistent member of the Jays’ bullpen. A key candidate to be sold at the deadline.

After suffering a setback from an early injury and general rustiness after not starting spring training at the same time as everyone else, the reliever was rumoured to be on thin ice.

Luckily, the veteran that is known to haze younger teammates, won’t be anywhere close to the incoming and current young players on the Jays roster. Management backing their philosophy of building a positive mentality.

As Ryan Tepera, Clay Buchholz and Ryan Borucki return from injury soon, the pitching staff will hopefully strengthen after a more-than-expected strong start.

Acquired in the Pillar trade earlier today, Derek Law is also a possibility to make a case for the Jays’ bullpen at some point this season.

Good riddance.

  • Jmr

    Hazing? Hicks was quoted as saying:

    “”Bud is not bad at all. He’s getting on me because he wants me to be a better player, and I know it’s to make me a better teammate. That can happen.”


    “I’m a rookie. I need guys guiding me. [Norris] actually does care about me. I know that. There are times, though, when he or anyone basically says, ‘You should know better.'”

    Sounds more like making a teammate accountable for their actions to me…