Chris Davis has broken the all-time record for most consecutive plate appearances without a hit

Tony Bernazard, your time in infamy is now over. Thanks to Chris Davis’ 58-consecutive plate appearances without a hit dating all the way back to last September, there’s a new name attached to Major League Baseball’s all-time streak of offensive futility.

Honestly, you have to feel for the guy. I mean, he actually barrelled up pretty hard on this ball, but, unfortunately for him, it was hit right at Oakland’s centre fielder. Davis, at the time of me writing this, is now hitless in 36 plate appearances this season, and hitless in 58 plate appearances dating back to last season.

It’s been a shocking decline for Davis, who was once one of baseball’s most feared hitters. I don’t know if Khris Davis, who used to be referred to as a store brand knock-off Chris Davis, somehow did some voodoo magic thing and stole all of his abilities, but Davis’ plummet into being historically-bad at the plate isn’t something anyone expected. Maybe it’s karma for bad-mouthing Jose Bautista?

Bernazard had been the holder of the record since 1984 when he went 57 plate appearances without a hit in the middle of the season. He would slash a .221/.290/.287 line over the course of the 1984 season, but bounced back to have a couple of very solid seasons in the following years.

Davis slashed a miserable .168/.243/.296 line last season and he’s on pace to have an even shittier season this year. But no matter what happens, Baltimore is going to be on the hook for his $23,000,000 salary for three more years after this one.

  • The Humungus

    Not to “well, actually” this, but Chris Davis has *checks notes* $108,692,307.69 left on his contract.

    Because MLB players get paid on the 15th and 30th, during the regular season. That’s 13 pay periods a season, 1 of which has already happened

    $15,692,307.69 left this year
    $51,000,000 over the next three seasons
    $42,000,000 deferred over 15 years from 2023-2037 ($3,500,000 for 10 years, $1,400,000 for 5 more)

  • Barry


    Davis had two excellent years, one pretty good year, and other than that has never had a WAR over as high as 2. The steep decline is surprising, but delightful to watch as a Jays’ fan, and it’s nice to see the O’s stuck with an albatross contract, but at least, ya know, it’s okay, because O’s fans don’t hate him.