Vlad Jr. will reportedly be called up on Tuesday

It’s finally happening! According to Hector Gomez, a reporter based out of the Dominican Republic, the Blue Jays will call up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Tuesday to make his Major League debut against at home against the San Fransisco Giants.

Vlad, of course, was raised in the Dominican Republic, and Hector Gomez isn’t just some random person. He’s a credible reporter, especially when it comes to Dominican players. I wouldn’t expect this report from him to be false.

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We all knew this was going to happen soon, as the date for Vlad’s service time to be manipulated was passed, but we didn’t know how long the Blue Jays would opt to let him embarrass Triple-A pitchers.  Through five games with the Bisons, Vlad has a playing-on-easy-mode line of .412/.500/.824 with two homers and six runs batted in. There’s no doubt that he has nothing left to prove at that level.

I figured yesterday Vlad joining the team in the near future was inevitable when the team designated reliever Javy Guerra for assignment. In doing so, they opened up a spot on the 40-man to add somebody, and Vlad was really the only player not currently on the 40-man they’d be looking to add.

I like that the Blue jays are debuting Vlad at home. The fans haven’t had all that much to watch this season and Vlad Jr. is going to make the price of admission worth it in 2019. It’s good that the Jays are essentially thanking the fans for being patient with this whole thing by making his Major League debut at the Rogers Centre.

So if you had gone out to buy tickets for Kevin Pillar’s return to Toronto, good for you! If not, go out and get some goddamn tickets for this thing!

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