It looks like Vlad won’t be making his Blue Jays debut on Tuesday

What a tease. Despite a report coming from Hector Gomez out of the Dominican Republic that Vlad Jr. would be called up to make his Major League debut on Tuesday, other reports have indicated that won’t be the case.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweeted out yesterday that the Blue Jays are still working through the timing of when to call up Vlad Jr. and he figured the date would end up being Friday’s series opener against Oakland. Apparently, the team wants to get him into multiple games in a row in Buffalo before bringing him up to Toronto, for the sake of monitoring his health. Given the weather in Buffalo, the Bisons haven’t been able to play more than two games in a row in over a week.

There’s also the whole Leafs Game 7 thing on Tuesday. While logic would suggest that it’s ideal for the Jays to have Vlad debut on a day with another major sporting event happening in order to take the pressure off of him, the team is owned by a major telecommunications company. They could view Vlad’s debut as a major boon for ticket sales and viewership, in which case avoiding the Leafs’ Game 7 would make sense.

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Anyways, Bob Nightengale had a pretty hilarious sequence of tweets this morning. First, he had a very vague tweet saying all we’re waiting for is the official announcement and then, shortly after that, he backpedalled by saying the team is close but it isn’t happening yet. Woof!

So, barring some unforeseen change, it seems we’ll have to wait a little longer for Vlad’s debut. How does Vlad feel about all of this? Guerrero recently told The Athletic, “It’s obvious I am ready.”

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