The Orioles exist to make the Blue Jays seem less bad

Since the Blue Jays and Orioles met in the tense and exciting wild card game back in 2016, that, as we know, featured the legendary walk-off blast from Edwin Encarnacion off of Ubaldo Jimenez, nothing has gone right for either franchise.

From a Blue Jays perspective, the front office did a half-in, half-out thing in which they didn’t sell off the team’s best players, like Josh Donaldson, Aaron Sanchez, and Marcus Stroman to kick off a rebuild, but they also didn’t really do anything for the team to maintain a competitive window. The Jays finished with 76 and 73 wins in 2017 and 2018 respectively, putting forward some ugly, hard-to-watch teams.

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The Jays are now fully engaged in rebuild mode and the team is on pace to win just 64 games this season. That would be their first time in the 60-win range since the team won just 67 games back in 2004.

There’s no doubt this has been a tough season to watch. The youth movement we were all hyped about heading into the season has been, uh, rough. Vlad Jr, the jewel of the whole process, has had a slow transition to the Major Leagues and some of the only positives on the team this year have been guys like Ken Giles, Sanchez, and Stroman, who are rumoured to be traded this year.

Thankfully, the Baltimore Orioles exist to make the Blue Jays look better. While Toronto’s 2017 and 2018 seasons sucked all kinds of ass, the Orioles were even worse. Baltimore had a historically bad season last year, winning just 47 games. They’re nearly as bad this year, as they’re on pace to win just 53 games.

I know this all seems a little random to bring up right now, but I needed to find an opportunity to show you all this FARTSLAM the O’s executed last night against Cleveland…

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For those who don’t know, a FARTSLAM is when a team has a prolonged terrible showing in the outfield. In this situation, the O’s somehow managed to score a run while not getting a single out on what should have been an inning-ending double play.

This might be the worst defensive sequence in Major League Baseball’s history, surpassing this gem from Nyjer Morgan that, ironically, allowed Baltimore’s Adam Jones to hit an inside-the-park home run.

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Thank you, Trash Birds. Keep doing you.