Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini had a really, really good Astros debut

At the trade deadline earlier this week, the Blue Jays came out of nowhere and traded Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini to the Houston Astros in exchange for reclamation project Derek Fisher. While this was a change of scenery type of deal for both key players involved, it seemed a little puzzling that the Jays were ready to sell low on their former ace.

Anyways, Derek Fisher came through in the ninth inning with an RBI single to pad the Jays’ lead over the Orioles last night, which was a nice way for him to endear himself to the fanbase. Sanchez had his chance to impress Astros fans on Saturday and he, uh, certainly did.

Sanchez tossed six no-hit innings against the Mariners, walking two and striking out six. A.J. Hinch decided to pull Sanchez given the fact he had thrown 91 pitches, despite him being two-thirds of the way to a no hitter. Will Harris came into the game and threw a scoreless seventh, Joe Biagini followed him and threw a clean eighth, and Chris Devenski closed the game for the combined no-no. It was the second combined no-hitter in Astros’ franchise history and 12th no-hitter in total for Houston.

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So it appears that the Astros have managed to fix Sanchez in under a week! Great! Let’s check in on Derek Fisher! Oh… oh no.

All jokes aside, I’m happy for Sanchez to get to be a part of this, especially given how virtually everything has gone wrong for him in the past three seasons.

  • The Humungus

    The two comments before this one are either:

    a) very good satire
    b) written by drunk people
    c) representative of the majority of the bandwagon fan base who still don’t understand how organizational philosophy works
    d) trolls

    I’m only writing this because I don’t anonymously trash, which would be cowardice. Anyone who thinks what happened last night makes this “the worst trade in baseball history” is a trash clown and needs to be taught a serious lesson about how baseball works.

    The four “pinnacle” organizations in baseball when it comes to advances analytics are the Astros, Dodgers, Yankees and Rays. That’s what I’ve garnered from reading and listening to baseball thinkers who are outside of the local marketplace (Eno Sarris, to name one, but Ben Lindbergh also comes to mind). Those four organizations are set up to be sustained winners because of how they develop prospects and how they don’t do “bad deals”.

    This is the kind of organization the Jays are trying to become, and at no point has there ever been a public mandate to “save Rogers money”. In fact, it has been stated numerous times that the money is there when the opportunity is there for sustained excellence. Yes, it sucks right now, though the team is actually a lot of fun to watch if you give them a chance. One mistake to literally the best player on the Orioles, and one error previous to that by a guy who’s only been playing 3rd base for 3 years notwithstanding, that was a winnable game last night. Pannone was outstanding outside of that pitch to Mancini, and the young bats are awesome. They’ve got a team of guys who play with their hair on fire.

    Add to that Jim Callis saying this week that Nate Pearson is, for his money, the highest upside pitching prospect in baseball (he said it on the Tuesday edition of At The Letters), and the team is on the right track. It’s going to take time, but there’s A LOT to like here. You don’t have to like everything the front office does. Hell, I sure don’t. I understand why they didn’t trade Donaldson before 2017, but for a 32 year old former catcher playing on turf with leg problems, they were never going to get much for him if they didn’t trade him then.

    But seriously, if you’re going to go off on how stupid and shitty the front office is, then why even bother caring at all. Just jump off the bandwagon until they’re good again in 2021. Your negativity is effecting others who are just trying to enjoy a good game of baseball.

    Some fuckin jagoff called into Baseball Central on Thursday and was shitting on the front office because they let Urshela go. FUCKING GIO URSHELA! ONE OF THE WORST BLUE JAYS OF ALL TIME!

    It’s just tiring for me as a fan who’s not a total fucking idiot to want to read about my team, or listen to people talk about my team, and have to constantly hear this jackass braying about “Shatkins”. Go away. Real fans don’t want to hear it. It’ll never be as bad as it was in the Riccardi years. This era is way more likely what I understand and have read about the early Gillick years (someone who’s older than 39 and can actually remember those years could probably vouch for that).

    Just, if you want to piss and moan about the team, don’t bother. If the team is making money, they’re not firing Shapiro, and Atkins isn’t going anywhere before the end of 2021. You can yell and curse on the internet all you want. They don’t give a flying fuck about your perceived optics. Rogers believes in Mark Shapiro, and that’s that. Given Cleveland’s relative success on a shoestring budget (which, despite your belief, the Jays DO NOT have) under Shapiro, there’s literally no reason to believe this franchise can’t win, and they’re doing it in a way that gives them opportunity to do it long term.

    So, seriously, just stop. You’re driving fans like me away from a simple enjoyment because you can’t handle cold realities. I was there in 1993. I was there in 2001. I was there in 2004. Fuck, I was there in 2008, sitting field level on a discount watching Armando fucking Benitez blow saves. I’m not going anywhere. You can go watch the Leafs and enjoy some success. I’m sticking in for the long haul.

    • Nuck16

      I believe in the rebuild philosophy, but FO should have realized by now that they rebuild is over…there are enough young pieces in place already. I agree that Stroman should have been traded mostly because his personality is a distraction. The jays could be a very competetive team now if they had kept Pillar (instead of trading for Fisher), kept Stroman, Biagini, and Hudson. See how Sanchez plays next season and either trade him for way way way more than they did or consider resigning. Hey Shatkins, another way to get club control is to sign him to a 5 yr extension. Based on how he was trending, it was conceivable he could have been our ace for the next 5 years…pitchers like that are very very hard to find. Then next season slowly promote some of our pitching pipeline as they’re ready, and the season after start competing for the playoffs. It makes no sense to purge talented relatively young vets for zero return when these vets are exactly what the team currently needs. I’d feel differently if we did in fact get a great return. I feel like Shatkins is obsessed with the 2020 draft and are determined to torpedo the team. They are happy that the young position players are killing it, but it’s messing with their plan to get a high draft pick.

      • The Humungus

        See, now this is exactly what I’m talking about.

        “(the) rebuild is over”

        When you have assets that have value that are not part of the future plans, then the rebuild is not over. When you say “sign him to an extension”, you’re operating under the thinking that “it’s only money”. But, it’s not. MOST teams can’t afford to just eat a high dollar value contact while still spending like Boston did. For all the money Rogers has, this franchise will never be a top level tax team because that’s bad asset management.

        Boston’s farm system ranks 30th in baseball right now. They’ve been Dombrowski’d hard. They have the highest payroll and still sit 11 games back with a shit bullpen. Did they win a World Series? Sure did. Flags Fly Forever. But, they going to be set back because they don’t have a sustainable plan.

        And your Sanchez comment shows your whole ass. “Based on how he was trending.” What in the actual fuck. 5 good starts? For a guy who’s been injured more than not the last 3 seasons? For a guy who’s STILL leading the league in walks even after only walking 5 guys over his last 6 starts? For a guy who’s velocity is down every single year? Give me “Small Sample Size” for $1,800, Alex. You can’t actually believe that he was trending toward being an ace, can you?

        I mean, sure, you can sign these guys to extensions, but why? Where’s the future value in it if they want more money than they’re worth. Stroman is about as good as Jordan Zimmermann when he came out of Washington, but he’ll be hitting free agency in advance of his age 30 season, so a full year older. Zimmermann got $22M AAV. Is that what Stroman’s worth? That’s probably his ballpark. But what if he is insistent he’s worth Strasburg money? If you’re making me pick between the two, I’m taking Strasburg for the same dollars. And if Stroman thinks he’s worth $25M, I’d rather give $35M to Gerrit Cole, who’s the same age and significantly better.

        Transactions don’t happen in a vacuum. You can’t examine what happened this week without full context, and we won’t see that until the offseason at the earliest, and 2022 at the latest. To think otherwise is reactionary and ignorant.

      • Mose

        The rebuild is over? Pillar?

        Negotiating with Scott Boras to resign Sanchez long-term? Sanchez is an ace?

        Torpedo’ing for a high draft pick?

        Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of the resources the esteemed Humungus has kindly highlighted – understanding how players are valued and how good orgs acquire and develop talent has enhanced my interest and love of the game.

        As Vin Scully so eloquently pined, “Let’s pull up a chair” and enjoy these baby Jays grow and develop – a multi game win streak this past week, led by the most prolific offence in MLB since June and some impressive starting pitching (by low ranked fringy prospects no less) is a pretty good start.

        With one of the best MLB hitting prospects EVER in Vlad the IMPALER now entrenched at the top of the order, perhaps the highest upside MLB pitching prospect in Pearson plus Kay and Pardinho also ranked within MLB’s top 100 prospects, a strong and projectable young core (Bo just led off with another double), the waves of SP depth they are actively building at all levels and the funding Rogers can provide, life looks pretty good today and going forward for Jays fans.

    • For the love of Mike

      Ok. Sure. But where’s the argument that trading Sanchez for Fisher was a good trade? Unless you provide one, you really can’t disparage the previous comments in such a condescending way. Makes you sound like a troll, friend.

      • The Humungus

        The argument is that Sanchez is a non-tender candidate at worst, and at best is 15 months away from free agency, while Fisher has 6+ years of control and a profile that gives the impression that he could still be a stud.

        We don’t know if it’s a good trade yet. We won’t until we know for sure what either guy does. But, we also don’t know if it’s a bad trade, either. Because that’s not how this works. This wasn’t a “Bobby Abreu for 3 org-filler guys” trade. It’s not a salary dump. The trade was about trying to find something the team needs, which is a lefty power bat to balance the line-up.

        • Nuck16

          I predict Sanchez will be cy young candidate for the next five years with some luck on the health front To make the playoffs we need 2 or 3 ace calibre starts. He could have been one.. I predict Fisher will have some use on the club, but I’m not sure he’ll be an every day player and if so, he won’t be a position of strength.

  • Nuck16

    Who could have seen this coming? Oh yeah, pretty much every jays fan except for Shatkins. After his las start in a Jays uniform it seemed inevitable he had a no-hit outing in the near future. I think he’ll be in on the ERA title next season and a Cy Young finalist. His stuff is filthy. This could end up as the worst trade in baseball history. Usually when trades this bad happen it take some time to realize it, but in this case most of us new instantly. How can team management have worse baseball minds than 90% of their fans?

  • Linus Minimax

    We all knew Sanchez is a genius; meanwhile Fisher is taking himself out on a pre-littleleague-style mistake sorry to be mean but ffs who thought this was a fair trade?