Austin Martin’s deal comes in at over $7 million, Nick Frasso also signs under-slot deal

We’ve known for a few days that Austin Martin and the Blue Jays had reached a deal, but we didn’t know what the signing bonus was.

Finally, on Wednesday, Jon Heyman reported that the fifth-overall pick from the 2020 draft is receiving a signing bonus of $7,000,825. That’s the second-highest signing bonus in the draft so far, behind only first-overall pick Spencer Torkelson, and, as expected, is well over the recommended slot value of $6,180,700.

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Martin was expected by many to go second overall in the draft, so when he fell to the Blue Jays at five, it was inevitable that he would be seeking a signing bonus above slot value. Right after the draft, it was reported that his agent, Scott Boras, would be seeking a deal over $7,000,000. He accomplished exactly that.

I imagine we’ll see Martin get added to the 60-man pool in the next little while so he can join the Blue Jays’ off-site camp once the season gets rolling. I really doubt we’ll see him get into a game this year with the team, though.

So, with Martin signed, the Jays have figured out deals for four of their five draft picks…

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  • First-round pick Martin’s signing bonus is $7,000,825, well above the recommended slot value of $6,180,700.
  • Second-round pick C.J. Van Eyk’s signing bonus is $1.8 million, slightly over the recommended slot value of $1,771,100.
  • Third-round pick Trent Plamer’s signing bonus is $850,000, again slightly above the recommended slot value of $805,600.
  • Fifth-round pick Zack Britton’s signing bonus is $97,500, well below the recommended slot value of $410,100.
  • Total: $9,784,325 in bonuses have been allocated to four picks with a combined recommended slot value of $9,167,500. The Blue Jays have a total bonus pool of $9,716,500, meaning there is $549,000 left for their final signing. 

The only once left to sign is fourth-round pick Nick Frasso. His slot value is $549,000, so, if my math is correct, there’s just enough room to get a deal done.

Aaaaaand just as I had finished figuring that out, it was announced that Frasso and the Jays reached a deal!

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So that’s that! The Jays got Frasso to sign under slot and, thus, all five of their picks have been signed. Good stuff! This has shaped up to be a hell of a draft.