The Blue Jays settle on playing in Buffalo

The hunt is over. The Blue Jays finally have a home.

Though it wasn’t the team’s first (or second, or third, or fourth, or…) choice, the Jays will play the majority of their home games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo this season.

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The team appeared set to share PNC Park with the Pirates this season, but that plan was nixed by the State of Pennsylvania. It was the same deal with Camden Yards in Baltimore, as the Orioles were cool with sharing their facility with the Jays, but the State of Maryland said no.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the Blue Jays the thumbs up this morning, so there won’t be any last-minute changes this time.

The team has also issued a statement, confirming that they’ll be playing the majority of their home games in Buffalo.

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Obviously, this isn’t ideal for the Blue Jays. I mean, that’s life, and beggars can’t be choosers.

Sahlen Field and its amenities aren’t anywhere near Major League-calibre, but the Jays still have some time to make some upgrades to the facility in order to improve the situation.

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The improvements won’t be ready by the time the Jays are supposed to have their “home opener” against the Nationals on July 29, but, hopefully, it’ll be ready for their next “home” series against the Phillies are set to visit on July 31.