The Yankees believe Sahlen Field’s lighting is the reason they allowed the Blue Jays to score 10 runs in one inning

The Yankees can’t accept that the Blue Jays are New York’s best team.

On Monday night, the Blue Jays hosted the Yankees at Sahlen Field in Buffalo for the first time this season. After going down 6-2, the Jays exploded for a 10-run sixth inning to run away with the victory and extend their lead on the Yanks to two games in the standings.

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After the game, the Yankees suggested that the reason for their implosion simply came down to the fact that the lightning in Buffalo made it difficult for the pitchers to see which signs were being put down…

“A lot of it had to do with he had a tough time seeing the signs,” Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka said on a Zoom call, when asked following the game about his pitchers’ struggles. “It’s pretty dark there. Once it really got dark, yeah.

Naturally, if you can’t see the sign your catcher puts down, you just lay a soft meatball down the middle of the plate, which is surely what happened when Danny Jansen sent a pitch from Adam Ottavino into space for a grand slam.

Now, if you don’t buy the lightning excuse for the Yankees’ bullpen blowing yet another game, they’ve got another excuse to fall back on. The Blue Jays were stealing signs.

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“It’s just bizarre,” Ottavito said. “Myself and (fellow reliever Chad Green) didn’t get any swing and misses that whole inning and we’re both well above average swing and miss pitchers.

“Not getting swing and misses, it’s either and indication that my stuff wasn’t good, my location wasn’t good or that they had something on me. They either had a great approach or they knew what was coming, any of that.”

Maybe one of the cardboard cutouts the Jays have sitting in Sahlen Field was banging a trash can or something? Who knows! That 10-run inning surely had nothing to do with, ya know, good hitting and bad pitching, or anything. There’s no way that could be the case. Better blame someone else.