Take your time, Young Vlad

Vlad, you’ve got our attention. But come on man, simmer down. You’ve gotta cool off at least a bit – focus less on destroying the ball and more on defense. Every day you continue mashing the AA level gives more credence to those shouting for your arrival on the MLB team. Don’t get me wrong…


Believe it or not, there’s something MLB can learn from the NHL in regards to marketing

Baseball doesn’t realize how good they have it. Their players are so marketable and it doesn’t seem like they care. Major League Baseball continues to flub the easy play. Coming from the hockey industry, marketable players are rare. Players with personality even more so. Sure, hockey showcases some player’s personality and their creativity, but, by-and-large…


There’s an interesting possibility involving Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson

Yep, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is laying it out there. Toronto could be the landing spot for Machado. Well, the Jays are among three other teams – Dodgers, Yankees, and Phillies – who, coincidently, are also being bandied about as locations for Donaldson. This is asinine, illogical, unlikely…wait is this actually a possibility?…


More hints towards a Rogers sale of the Blue Jays?

Forbes has released their MLB team review! Let us rejoice – maybe just The 10%. The rest of you can go back to drooling over Vlad Jr, we’ll join you in a bit. In the meantime, we’ll be scratching our heads at these figures.


What Say You, Blue Jays’ Marketing?

Some say it’s crazy, others say it’s eccentric. We all have our individual way of watching baseball. We have our traditions, our rituals. Some of us like to have a drink. Some try and learn the catcher’s signs. We may even put it on in the background while we make dinner or play with the…


Josh Donaldson and the strange free agent market

Collusion may just be a fancy word for misreading the market, at least in baseball. Various theories exist to what caused such a slow offseason, at least in terms of free agent signings. Jonah Keri at CBS touches on a few – namely, “that spending in free agency is actually inefficient in too many cases”,…