A referendum on the Randal Grichuck contract

With 29 home runs, Randal Grichuk is inching towards his first 30 home run season of his year. If he reaches that threshold and maintains his current on base percentage, Grichuk will find himself among exclusive company. He could become the sixth player in MLB history to hit 30 or more home runs in a…


Anthony Alford is running out of runway with the Blue Jays

There’s no way to substantiate this, but Anthony Alford might have the MLB record for burning through three options with the least amount of service time. Believe it or not, the Blue Jays outfielder is on his third option year, having played only 22 games at the major league level since 2017. At age 25,…


Revisiting the Kevin Pillar trade

It’s easy to forget that the Blue Jays traded Kevin Pillar earlier this season. He was one of the final few position players from those 2015 and 2016 playoff teams. It’s also easy to pass over Pillar because he plays the bulk of his games on the west coast. Pillar is having himself a decent…


It’s time to resurrect the Blue Jays’ powder blue uniforms

Eventually, every old sports uniform becomes new again. For proof, look how the Toronto Raptors brought back their retro 90s uniform for their upcoming season. Social media exploded with overwhelming positive feedback. The Blue Jays have a few beloved kits in their 40-plus year club history, but only a few are worthy of being revived from…


Let Vladdy play third base until he can’t

From the moment Vladimir Guerrero Jr. set foot at third base during his Major League debut on April 26, the countdown started towards his eventual shift across the diamond. It’s not a question of if the Blue Jays will convert him into a first baseman; it’s when. Vladdy’s had his fair share of difficulties at…


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and ‘load management’

The Blue Jays can thank the Raptors for bringing the phrase “load management” into the Toronto sports lexicon. With the aid of their athletic department, the Raptors throttled Kawhi Leonard’s usage during the 2018-2019 NBA regular season, which kept him healthy enough to lead the Raps to a title.


‘Strong announcements’ about Rogers Centre coming this fall

Does it seem like it’s been a long time since there’s been any headway about major renovations at Rogers Centre? It has been a long time. It’s been over two years since the Blue Jays have stated publicly about their desire to overhaul the 30-year-old stadium. Every few months, there’s a morsel of information that…


Bo Bichette’s beautiful swing gets some major love on MLB Network

Does Bo Bichette’s swing remind you of anyone’s? Aside from his father Dante, when Bo hacks at the plate, his swing takes a page out the book of Josh Donaldson, Javier Baez and to a lesser degree, Jose Bautista. There are worse swings to emulate, right? There are many working parts to Bichette’s swing, but…


In defense of the Marcus Stroman trade

Last week, Blue Jays Nation’s fearless leader Cam Lewis perfectly described the Blue Jays’ precarious situation with Marcus Stroman; it was the “boat versus the mystery box” dilemma. The Blue Jays had a boat in the form of Marcus Stroman, but they could trade him for a mystery box, which could have anything inside. That’s…


Remembering Roy Halladay the man, not the machine

During his 16-year career, Roy Halladay posted inhuman numbers as a starting pitcher. Need proof? Go to his Baseball Reference page and marvel at all the columns in bold and italics. Those are categories where he led the league or the majors. By all accounts, Halladay approached the game of baseball with a Terminator-like demeanour….


Vladdy 64: Digging for trends within Guerrero’s first 64 games

Through his first 64 games in the majors, it’s been a tale of three seasons for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. There were his first two weeks with the Blue Jays when he barely got a pitch to hit, the eight-game span in May when he collected five home runs and everything since then. Vladdy hasn’t looked…


Mark Shapiro says something big is brewing with Rogers Centre renovations

This past June, Rogers Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary. Unveiled in 1989 as a state-of-the-art multi-use facility, it boasted the largest Jumbotron of its era and encapsulated the “everything to everyone” mantra of professional sports stadiums during the 80s and early 90s. Skydome also ushered in the end of an era of multi-use stadiums and…