The Aaron Sanchez Redemption Tour

Clearly Aaron Sanchez read my piece outlining all the various things that might have been causing him to pitch like shit and turned it around with a strong outing against the Tigers to avoid getting swept in Detroit. So what did he change?


What’s going on with Aaron Sanchez

It’s been no secret that the Jays rotation has poured buckets of water dousing the hot start they got out to, falling behind the Red Sox and Yankees and struggling to even stay in contention for the second wild card spot. One of the more troubling members of this rotation has been Aaron Sanchez.


Rotation Review, Vol. 5: Jays Ace Happ to the rescue

Well, that was bad. After JA Happ and Aaron Sanchez both had solid outings, it was then followed up with disastrous outings from Estrada, Stroman and Garcia. Overall, the team went 1-4 this turn around, and responded by adding some bullpen relief by optioning Devon Travis to Buffalo and recalling Carlos Ramirez.


The Rotation Review, Vol. 4: Any worries yet?

In the first edition of The Rotation Review, I wrote about how the Jays would need good starting pitching if they wanted to contend because the offense isn’t going to carry this team. And here we are, through 21 games, sitting at 13-8. Except the rotation has been, as a whole, rather mediocre, and the…


The Rotation Review, Vol. 3: Joe Biagini makes his debut

You can’t stop the Actually Good Toronto Blue Jays, you can only hope to contain them. The Jays went a tidy 3-2 through each of the first two trips through the rotation, however they are not messing around anymore and went 5-1 on their third trip, which even included a spot start from Joe Biagini…