Shapiro on hiring Montoyo, the Donaldson situation, and more!

It’s Shapiro speaks season, which means I spent quite a bit of time transcribing close to 1,500 Mark Shapiro words from his recent interview with the dynamic duo of Stephen Brunt and Jeff Blair. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I am going to give you the juicy-ish bits, or just pretty much everything…


Scott Boras said the Jays are suffering from “Blue Flu”

Slick speaking Scotty Boras addressed the media Wednesday and spewed some things that he needed to get off his moneyed chest. I’m guessing it’s probably because he has been experiencing some financial discomfort lately (I’m being sarcastic – sort of). It’s here we go dollar dollar bill time, and Scotty needs to make the cash-rules-everything-around…


Blue Jays fire two coaches

I was at a local watering hole when news broke that the Jays tossed Brook Jacoby and Tim Leiper into the can, AND it’s not exactly shocking stuff. Now, some of you are probably out and about doing your weekend things and have already seen the news on your smart-whatevers. Rumours started to circulate around…


It isn’t going to be an exciting winter

It’s kind of crazy how fast this whole time thing carries us on its conveyer belt to wherever we’re all going. The baseball season is officially over and it’s November already. Soon Torontonians will be trading in their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes for Gingerbread Chocolate Mochas. Joy to the world. It’s only a matter of time…


Blue Jays officially introduce Charlie Montoyo

So I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks in Playa del Carmen doing the whole try not to get burnt by the blazing sun thing by pouring a shit ton of sunscreen all over me, which is something Rosie DiManno might need after Charlie Montoyo burnt her after she asked him this ‘hardball’…


Searching For Skip

The Starbucks coffee cups were piled high in a room. The white and green cardboard and plastic that stretched across the office floor stood still in a shadow. A single light on the desk dimly lit the 10’ by 15’ square foot space. The green two-tailed mermaid on each cup smiled and watched as two…


Reasons for Blue Jays fans to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving all you hoser turkeys, eh! I know that many of you are out and about doing your out and about things, but I figured I should type up this quick Thanksgiving piece before I do my out and about hoser things. I think that it’s important for all of us to reflect on…


Fall is here

I was walking around Kensington Market today and I passed Exile, a staple vintage clothing store, where the employees were already setting their Halloween displays up. And it hit me, in that moment, that September is in its final days, which means that October’s rent is only a few days away.