Blue Jays Baseball 101: What to know for the 2024 season

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Veronica Chung
25 days ago
Baseball season is just around the corner! Some of you may already know the ins and outs of the Toronto Blue Jays and baseball but you may have friends and family who may want to know more and be a part of the conversation. If there are casual fans who are relatively new to baseball and the Blue Jays below is some quick information you can share with them…

Who are the key players on the Toronto Blue Jays?

There are many to choose from but out of all 40 players on the roster, first baseman Vladimir Guerrwro Jr. and shortstop Bo Bichette are the most important and popular players to remember. They have been the cornerstone for Toronto since 2019 and will continue to play a key role in the team this season. Other than that, right fielder George Springer and centre fielder Kevin Kiermaier have been widely popular also along with starting pitchers Kevin Gausman, Alek Manoah, José Berríos, Chris Bassitt and Yusei Kikuchi. And of course, star closer and Markham boy Jordan Romano is also the backbone of the franchise. 

Are the Blue Jays going to be good this year?

That is a loaded question. There have been concerns and doubts among long-time Blue Jays fans about Toronto’s competitiveness in an extremely hard division (American League East) this year. However, it’s most likely that Toronto will be good this year because they have players who have great track records both defensively and offensively. 
For this season, the Blue Jays are counting on their core players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., George Springer, Daulton Varsho and Cavan Biggio to bounce back and if they do, they are expected to produce more hits in general, including home runs. But don’t be disappointed if the standing this season looks off for Toronto this season. 
There are so many competitive teams in the American League East, especially with the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, and Tampa Bay Rays core being robust and indomitable. The Blue Jays’ main goal is to make it to the playoffs and win at least one playoff game. If Toronto doesn’t manage to achieve that, the 2024 season could be written off as another disappointing season. 

Which division are the Blue Jays in? 

The Blue Jays are part of a division called the American League East (AL East). This division contains hyper-competitive teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays. Even the worst team in this division easily ends up with a relatively competitive record even if they have a losing record. Last season, all five teams in the AL East, including Toronto, held winning records for some time and this proves the difficulty of winning the division and staying consistently competitive. 
Heading into the 2024 season, the Blue Jays are going to have to win more games against their four division rivals given that they weren’t able to secure many wins in 2023. Even getting the second place in AL East will be a tall task, let alone winning the division. So, brace yourselves, it’s going to be another nerve-racking season for Toronto. 

What is the Blue Jays’ stadium like? 

The stadium has improved a lot compared to a few years ago. Blue Jays’ front office has prioritized stadium improvement and renovation to make Rogers Centre a more inclusive and inviting space for all fans and they delivered on it starting in 2022. 
Toronto now has an outfield district where fans can walk around and spectate the game while more entertainment, like arcade games and video games, is brought in to provide a more fun experience. The stadium also has a chill area like Corona Rooftop, where people can enjoy the outdoor bar atmosphere, and there is a family-friendly zone called Park Social, where kids can play life-size Connect Four and Corn Hole, too. 
Unlike three years ago, there’s everything for everyone, and the stadium is still being renovated. This new renovation will focus on improving the seats and experience for the lower-level portion of the stadium. It will also work to reduce the size of the foul territory to bring more action on the field. In short, the stadium should look even swankier now, and it’s the perfect time to bring all your friends and family. 

How much does it cost to get to the game?

Truthfully, the ticket price for the Blue Jays’ games has been steadily climbing for a few years, and this year is no exception. The 500-level tickets now cost between $30 – $50, and 100- and 200-level tickets can easily go up to triple digits. Based on this information, we can conclude that it’s pricier to enjoy a ball game, but the good news is that it’s still somewhat within reach for Torontonians. 
There are also $20 general admission tickets that allow people to roam around the Outfield District and the stadium without select seats, so there are still ways to enjoy the game affordably. All hope is not lost yet, but it’s good to keep an eye out for how ticket prices surge each season if you want to calculate the long-term affordability. 
If you’re aiming to go to any Blue Jays game against the Los Angeles Dodgers to see superstar two-way player Shohei Ohtani, good luck. Tickets at the 200 level cost around $250 — may the odds be in your favour. 

Which  Blue Jays-related social media accounts should I follow?

Obviously, following Toronto Blue Jays on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram is a must to get all the live updates and funny player content. You can also follow Blue Jays’ senior social media manager, Alykhan Khamisa Ravjiani, and Richard Lee-Sam for more behind-the-scenes snippets and stories. 
There are also players who are active on social media, like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., José Berríos, Kevin Gausman, Chris Bassitt, Erik Swanson, Alek Manoah, and Kevin Kiermaier, who you can follow to keep up with their season. Most Jays’ players can be found on Twitter or Instagram. And don’t forget to follow the newest Toronto Blue Jay, Joey Votto, on all social media platforms, his social content is next level.


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