Guardians’ Terry Francona and Emmanuel Clase serving suspensions on Monday, Jose Ramirez is appealing

Cam Lewis
10 months ago
Major League Baseball handed out multiple suspensions for Saturday’s bench-clearing brawl between the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox.
The two guys who started the whole thing, Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez, were given six- and three-game suspensions respectively. Both are appealing their suspensions, so Ramirez will be in the lineup on Monday when the Guardians host the Blue Jays.
Cleveland’s manager, Terry Francona, along with the team’s closer, Emmanuel Clase, were suspended for one game. Both of them opted not to appeal the decision and they’ll serve their suspensions on Monday.
For those who haven’t seen the brawl, here’s what happened…
Ramirez hit a double, slid into second base, and took exception when Anderson landed a hard tag on him. Ramirez got up and pointed his finger at Chicago’s shortstop and Anderson responded by tossing down his glove hockey-style and bringing up his fists into a boxer’s stance. Anderson landed one punch and then Ramirez knocked him to the ground with a right hook.
The benches and bullpens cleared and both teams remained on the field for nearly 15 minutes before things finally got under control. The White Sox wound up winning the game by a score of 7-4.
“[Tim Anderson] has been disrespecting the game for a while,” Ramirez said after the game through interpreter Agustin Rivero. “It’s not from yesterday. It’s from before. I even had the chance to tell him during the game, ‘Don’t do this stuff. That’s disrespectful. Don’t start tagging people like that,’ because in reality, we’re here trying to find ways to provide for our families.”
We’ll likely find out on Tuesday whether Ramirez’s suspension will be reduced or if he’ll have to serve the three games. If the suspension isn’t changed, Cleveland would be without their best hitter during the final three games of their four-game set with the Blue Jays.


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