Twins Sign Carlos Correa, will Jose Ramirez be Easier to Trade for + Yankees have fallen off

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Ryley Delaney
2 years ago
Along with Kenley Jansen, I was going to write an article about whether or not it was possible to sign shortstop Carlos Correa. 
Much like Jansen, Correa signed on Friday night, meaning both articles were scrapped. However, this gives us an opportunity to look at the implications of Carlos Correa signing with the… Minnesota Twins?

There’s a new second best team in town:

It’s safe to say that the Twins are the second best team in the division. In fact, all teams in the AL Central have made upgrades, except for the Cleveland Guardians. The Chicago Whitesox are the clear front runners. The Minnesota Twins just added Carlos Correa and had previously traded for Sonny Gray. The Detroit Tigers added Javy Baez and have one of the deepest farm systems. Hell, the Kansas City Royals signed team legend Zach Greinke, who hadn’t pitched for the team since 2010. 
The most notable Cleveland Guardian signing? Former Jay, Luke Maile. My belief is that the team was praying that their rotation could carry them and the teams around them didn’t significantly upgrade. That’s not the case and they’re already a team looking from the outside in. 
They are arguably better than the Royals and Tigers, but even with the expanded playoffs, the Guardians will have to contend with the stacked AL East and the AL West, where most teams also made significant upgrades.
This is to say that if the Guardians want to get full value for 29-year-old Jose Ramirez, the time to trade him is now. With the team not making any significant roster upgrades, their chances of finishing in the top two in the AL Central have all but dissipated.
Send him to us, Cleveland!

Yankees, a failure of a front office:

Let’s also take this opportunity to dunk on the Yankees. Unlike their rivals from Queens, the Yankees have been tentative about signing a big free agent this off-season. Reports had them chasing Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa and other big names free agents, yet they’ve marginally improved their infield.
Instead of Freeman, they re-signed the declining Anthony Rizzo. He’s a solid first baseman, but he certainly isn’t Freeman. That’s okay, they can still get Correa, right? Well, they traded Gary Sanchez and former Jay, Gio Urshela for 26-year-old Isiah Kiner-Falefa and 36-year-old Josh Donaldson. Certainly not the worst move in the world.
Well actually, the Yankees took every cent of the salary that is owed to Donaldson, about $42 million. Wait, what do you mean the Twins took their savings from that trade and signed shortstop Carlos Correa who Yankee fans wanted so desperately?
Truly one of the worst run franchises since the turn of the millennium. Enjoy mediocrity, Yankees! Especially once the Jays get their hands (wings?) on Jose Ramirez.
As always, you can follow me on Twitter @Brennan_L_D. I’d like to do something with Trevor Story (remember how I wanted him and German Marquez?), but knowing my luck, he’ll be signed by 9:00 AM tomorrow.

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