MLB Commissioner visits Rogers Centre, Blue Jays likely to host All-Star Game in coming years

Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was in attendance as the Blue Jays and Royals kicked off their three-game series at the Rogers Centre on Monday. The assumption is that he was there to see the stadium’s new renovations and to talk about the possibility of the Blue Jays hosting an All-Star Game. 
In mid-February, Manfred announced this would be his final tenure as face of the league and that he’ll retire when it expires in January of 2029. At the same time, Manfred announced two cities in particular he might award his final All-Star Games to, one of which was Toronto. 
Per an article in The Athletic:The final two All-Star Games that Manfred expects he will award in his time as commissioner are in 2027 and 2028, and the Blue Jays and the Cubs appear prime candidates to host.”
More recently, on a game broadcast in early April against the Mariners, Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro said he “feels there’s a good chance” of Toronto landing an All-Star game in the next four or five years.
Toronto has long been considered a strong contender to host the All-Star Game. The city boasts a passionate baseball fanbase, a world-class stadium, and a vibrant multicultural atmosphere that makes it a popular destination for major events. The Blue Jays have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years with a young, exciting core of players, further adding to the city’s attractiveness as a host.
Hosting the All-Star Game would bring significant economic benefits to Toronto. The event typically spans multiple days and includes festivities such as the Home Run Derby and FanFest, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from around the league.
Beyond the immediate economic impact, hosting could also leave a lasting legacy for Toronto. It would cement the city’s reputation as a premier baseball destination, potentially leading to more high-profile MLB events in the future. The event could also inspire young athletes and further grow the game in Canada.
While the prospect of hosting the All-Star Game is exciting, there are also challenges and considerations. Toronto’s weather can be unpredictable, even in the summer, and the Rogers Centre’s retractable roof, while practical, may not offer the same open-air appeal as some other ballparks. Scheduling the event around other major Toronto attractions and festivals would require careful planning as well.
Despite potential hurdles, optimism remains high among Blue Jays fans and city officials. MLB Commissioner Manfred’s expected visit is seen as a positive sign, and the city’s proven track record of hosting major sporting events, like the Pan Am Games and NBA All-Star Weekend, bodes well for its chances.
While an official announcement may still be some time away, Toronto is putting itself in a prime position to welcome baseball’s brightest stars and showcase its passion for the game on a global stage soon. The Blue Jays last hosted the All-Star Game in 1991, just ahead of their two World Series Championships. 

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