Ross Atkins: Nate Pearson is pain-free and now the focus is getting him ramped up

Cam Lewis
2 years ago
Here’s some good news from the mouth of Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins…
While talking to Mad Dog Chris Russo on MLB Network, Atkins said that Nate Pearson is feeling incredible and he’s 100% pain-free. The focus for Pearson now is building him up so that he can handle a starter’s workload. Atkins also went on to say that, based on the way Pearson is throwing, he looks like he has a very successful year ahead of him.
As Keegan Matheson reported last week, though, it’ll still take some time for Pearson to make his way back to the Blue Jays. Remember, Pearson only had one outing in Grapefruit play and it was one inning long, so he’s basically working his way back up from scratch and going through his own spring training now.
So, assuming Atkins’ enthusiasm is accurate and barring any setbacks, it would seem that mid-May is a realistic target for Pearson’s return.

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