The Blue Jays have signed intriguing draft prospect Jace Bohrofen to a slot deal

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Ryley Delaney
9 months ago
Just as I was finishing up Connor O’Halloran’s signing article, Jace Bohrofen’s signing bonus was announced.
According to MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis, the 21-year-old outfielder signed with a bonus of $302,200, a little bit below the slot value of $304,700 for this pick.
Last season with the University of Arkansas, Bohrofen slashed .318/.436/.612 with 16 homers in 267 plate appearances. He had a 12 BB% and a K% of 23.6%. For his entire collegiate career, he slashed .281/.392/.521 with 21 homers in 497 plate appearances, along with an 11.5 BB% and a 23.7 K%
Bohrofen was selected with the 184th overall pick, but due to his breakout season in his junior year, he ranked as MLB Pipeline’s 66th-best draft prospect and Baseball America’s 106th best draft prospect.
Furthermore, the slot value for this pick is $304,700, so the Jays saved $2,500 with this deal. The Jays have $1,194,632 remaining in their bonus pool to sign 13 players. Moreover, there are only three more players from rounds 1-10 that will affect the bonus pool, with Juaron Watts-Brown getting the majority of it. The other two, Braden Barry and Josh Mollerus, will likely sign under-slot deals.

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