The Blue Jays sign 16 of 19 draft picks, including their first 12 picks

Ryley Delaney
11 months ago
Sixteen for nineteen ain’t bad.
As you may know, the deadline for signing draft picks was 5:00 PM EDT on Tuesday afternoon, and the Blue Jays signed 16 of the 19 players they selected.
All picks in the first ten rounds, but the Jays failed to sign college reliever Joe Vogatsky, college first baseman/outfielder Sam Kulasingam, and prep outfielder Chase Brunson.
The only big surprise here is Vogatsky, as college relievers tend to sign in the later rounds. However, this marks the second straight year that a college reliever has decided to return to school. In the 2022 draft, Kale Davis transferred from Oklahoma State University to the University of Oklahoma.
It wasn’t too much of a surprise that Kulasingam and Brunson didn’t sign, as both were likely hedge picks. Had Juaron Watts-Brown not signed, the remaining money would have probably been used on Kulasingam. Had Landen Maruodis not signed, the money likely would have gone to Brunson.
Even still, Kulasingam wouldn’t have joined the Jays system until he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. It’ll be interesting to see where he is selected next draft as he slashed .426/.527/.655 this past season.
Still, sixteen out of nineteen isn’t bad, especially when most picks in the first ten rounds were ranked higher by MLB Pipeline and Baseball America compared to where they were picked.

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