Toronto Blue Jays fans broke their own record for hot dogs consumed in a night

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Zach Laing
1 year ago
Toronto Blue Jays fans sure do love their hot dogs.
And on Tuesday night as the San Diego Padres rolled into town, it was another rendition of their now-famous Loonie Dogs Night.
While the previous record for glizzy’s consumed in a night was 61,111, a solid 1.74 hot dogs per fan, that number was shattered yesterday. By night’s end, a staggering 75,173 hot dogs were consumed as fans drowned their feelings on a night when their favourite team fell 9-1 to the Padres.
There might be few bigger fans of Loonie Dog Night than Sportsnet reported Shi Davidi, who has been tracking hot dogs numbers since the Jays kicked this event off last season.
In 2022, every Jays fan in attendance, on average, consumed 1.18 Loonie Dogs per night, but that number has climbed to 1.71 Loonie Dogs per night. Not only that, but the actual number of Loonie Dogs consumed greatly outweighed the expected Loonie Dogs (xHD) by nearly 17,000.
Jays fans have put up some solid numbers and one of my favourite parts of it all have been the fans that have fully bought into it. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to dress up in a hot dog costume, watch some baseball, and demolish as many hot dogs as humanly possible?

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