Unvaccinated MLB players will reportedly be able to enter Canada starting in October

Photo credit:Wikimedia commons
Cam Lewis
1 year ago
The federal government is planning to drop the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for individuals who enter Canada by the end of September, according to a report from The Globe and Mail.
The report goes on to say that “the changes, for arrivals at land, air and sea ports of entry, are planned for Sept. 30, but have yet to be finalized by the cabinet” and that “The United States requires all entrants to be vaccinated, and it is not known if the requirement will be lifted at the same time as Canada’s.”
Canada currently requires unvaccinated individuals entering the country to undergo a two-week quarantine upon crossing the border.
From a baseball context, this will be going into effect right before the end of the MLB season, meaning other teams won’t have to worry about not having their unvaccinated players be unable to cross the Canada-U.S. border during the playoffs.
Throughout the season, we’ve seen multiple unvaccinated players go on the Restricted List as their teams travel to Toronto, including Robbie Ray of the Seattle Mariners, who left the Blue Jays in free agency last winter after winning the American League Cy Young Award.



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