Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Teoscar Hernandez, and Marcus Semien win Silver Slugger Awards

Ryley Delaney
2 years ago
Despite not making the playoffs, Blue Jays’ players continue to win awards for what is the biggest “what-if” season.  After Marcus Semien won the Gold Glove, Vlad Jr. won the Hank Aaron and a bunch of players got nominated for either the MVP, All-MLB, and Cy Young, there are three new award winners.
It was announced that the Jays have three Silver Sluggers: Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Marcus Semien, and Teoscar Hernandez.
This is Teoscar Hernandez’s second straight Silver Slugger award and wow, has he ever developed into a key part of a contending team. Teoscar will become a UFA in 2024, but the Jays should look to sign him well before then.
Vlad was a given. Not much has to be said here except for the fact that the 22-year-old will win an MVP award within the next three years. Vlad is fantastic.
It’s looking as if Semien taking the short-term deal will pay off massively for him. Not only did he win the Silver Slugger, but he also won a Gold Glove, finished third in MVP voting, and had one of the best seasons for a middle infielder in history. The Jays may not be able to re-sign him, but he did wonders for developing Bo Bichette’s game and nearly getting the team into the playoffs.
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