Jays win, Osuna apologizes for bagging, Jason Grizzly becomes a thing, and more delights!

Blue Jays win
This pic is actually from Wednesday night. Sue me. Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly had no intention of writing a piece to wrap up tonight’s Blue Jays win in Houston, because you almost don’t want to fuck up a roll like this that the Blue Jays are on by pointing out how utterly great it is (and also because I’m lazy and have a podcast still to edit). But oh man, there were some great GIFs and facts and tweets and just plain old conviviality among the Jays’ fan base to come out of this one that I feel like I can’t not share.

Maybe it’s because some of the dread over Aaron Sanchez being moved back to the bullpen has lifted. Maybe it’s because Minute Maid Park had been such a bête noire for the Jays in recent years — they’d lost eight in a row there after Monday’s extra inning defeat — and it feels great for them to have done so well, and for their pitching to have continued to sparkle, and for the bullpen to look so much like it has genuinely solidified.

Or maybe it’s because, with the Orioles’ loss tonight, the Jays are back into a tie for first place in the AL East. Whatever the case, here are a few more things that should make you smile after a tough, big series win…

Such shade.

Pay him.

Jason Grizzly forever! (Does this mean we can bring back Grizzly Beer? Because it should.)

Ahh, good times! Good times.