Game Threat: Jays (62-47) @ Royals (51-57)

Royals fans
Photo via @ArdenZwelling

Ahhhh, Kaufmann Stadium…


The Blue Jays kick-off a weekend series against the Kansas City Royals tonight, and quite honestly, this year they’re such sad sacks that I don’t even feel right calling them trash.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. They are trash. It’s just not very nice to point out now that their inexplicable magic has run out and their bullpen has turned to dust.

But hey, they had their moment where it all briefly came together into something truly dumbfounding and special. I just wonder if anybody will remember that more than our 2015 moment. *COUGH* (And a big shout out to the Royals fan above for keeping the legacy of the moment of the 2015 season alive.)

And whatever, y’know? Good on them — trash as they may be. Trash that employs, and cheers for, Yordano Ventura. Trash that dumbly tried to play the man in white card last year. Trash that doesn’t want to admit that sometimes, in a short series, the better team loses.

Ahh, and I’m sure there are probably some fine people and shit, too.

Regardless, this should have been a real cracker of a series — and I’m not referring to composition of 99% of the crowd HEYO! — but those fuck-up Royals couldn’t even handle that. In addition to their being trash, they took the air out of what might have been a burgeoning rivalry — y’know, had it involved more than just the one franchise actually worth giving a shit about — by getting their asses handed to them in a sweep at Rogers Centre.

Come on, Royals. Get it together.

Or… actually… better yet, don’t. LOL.

Um… maybe especially against Francisco Liriano. *COUGH*


I could write a bunch here about what to expect from Francisco Liriano and how he’s been bad this year and why he might be fixable and all that, but in addition to the fact that I’m lazy, that’s like poring over the architectural drawings of the roller coaster you’re about to step onto. Fuck that. Hold your breath, close your eyes, and let’s go…

TV: Sportsnet
Next Game(s): Saturday @ Kansas City, 7:15 PM ET; Sunday @ Kansas City, 2:15 PM ET
AL East Standings: BAL (-), TOR (-), BOS (2), NYY (6.0), TBR (17.0)
And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

Devon Travis(R) 2B
Jose Bautista(R) RF
Josh Donaldson(R) DH
Edwin Encarnacion(R) 1B
Michael Saunders(L) LF
Troy Tulowitzki(R) SS
Russell Martin(R) C
Melvin Upton Jr.(R) CF
Darwin Barney(R) 3B
Francisco Liriano LHP

Kansas City Royals

Alcides Escobar(R) SS
Cheslor Cuthbert(R) 3B
Lorenzo Cain(R) RF
Eric Hosmer(L) 1B
Kendrys Morales(S) DH
Salvador Perez(R) C
Alex Gordon(L) LF
Paulo Orlando(R) CF
Raul Mondesi(S) 2B
Dillon Gee RHP