The replies to the Blue Jays’ “Sanchez optioned” tweet are as delightful as you’d expect

Aaron Sanchez
Photo credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday the Blue Jays made a surprising move, optioning Aaron Sanchez to Dunedin in order to free up a roster spot.

It’s a move that makes a whole lot of sense once you realize that Sanchez was going to have his next start skipped anyway, as part of the effort to shave some innings off a season total that will well exceed his previous career high. Demoting Sanchez costs the youngster some salary, but the club will surely make that up to him down the road. It doesn’t change his playoff eligibility or manipulate his service time, either. It simply gives the Jays an extra roster spot over the final ten days of August, allowing them to bring up reinforcements for a tired bullpen now — as they did with the reciprocal move for Sanchez, recalling Aaron Loup from Buffalo — and then perhaps to lengthen their bench later, as they’ll likely do when Kevin Pillar comes off the DL on Tuesday (which I suspect will be at a reliever’s expense).

Thing is: if you don’t actually have any of this background information, the move seems pretty damn weird. And for a lot of Jays fans on Sunday, when the club announced the move officially via Twitter (as is standard procedure for any roster move), apparently it was.

Not just weird, even. It was enraging. Far be it from many to actually, y’know, take a step back and think about might have been going on; his was a Cy Young candidate sent all the way down to single-A to be replaced by that reliever everybody hates! JUST LET ME SEETHE ABOUT IT AND TO HELL WITH YOUR “CONTEXT”!

To be fair, if it really were a “we think this is a better team with Loup here and Sanchez in Dunedin” move, that *would* be pretty rage-inducing. And to be doubly fair, there were probably just as many fans who absolutely understood what was happening and tried to calm the unwashed masses with the information the Blue Jays could have very easily found a way to have provided in the first place. Heroes, all of you:

But hoo boy, there were some outstanding tweets from those that definitely didn’t get it — ranging from hilarious mild confusion, to even funnier half-cocked dimwittery — my favourites of which I absolutely must share.


There were also a couple of gems I came across when searching Tweetdeck for “@BlueJays Sanchez Loup” to find the original tweet (I especially love the casual dismissal of the Orioles in the first one!):

And, maybe my favourite of all, there was also the guy bizarrely doubling down in defence of the ill-informed takes!

Ahhhhh, I hate you, Twitter.