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Game Threat: Good News and Bad News, Red Sox (8-5) @ Blue Jays (2-10)

The Jays get a weak Red Sox starter to open a series in which it’s vital that they get a couple of damned wins, they’ve received some relatively good news on the injury front, and Marcus Stroman gets the call tonight. But none of that good news means the team is back to full health yet, none of it means they can’t let this damn hole get any bigger, and Chris Sale looms on Thursday. What a time to be alive.

News and Scuttlebutt

Cam covered a bunch of this stuff earlier in the day, but here are some updates and all the rest of what’s going on:

Not sure why the Jays needed to add another infielder, but the guy they called up to take J.A. Happ’s place on the roster at least seems confident [tugs collar]:

Go get him, Marcus:



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And now, the lineups…

Marcus Stroman: 1-1, 15.1 IP, 1.76 ERA, 9K, 3BB, 13H, 1HR

Brian Johnson: –, –, –, –, –, –, —

Johnson makes his 2017 big league debut tonight, after a pair of outstanding starts for Pawtucket. But don’t let his 15 strikeouts in 10.2 Triple-A innings fool you, there’s a chance he’s good for what’s been ailing the Jays. He’s also a fascinating story — still a prospect at age 26, having come back from a line drive to the face, a carjacking, shoulder tendinitis, an ulnar nerve issue, and being shut down for six weeks last season because of anxiety. Eric Longenhagen of FanGraphs writes, “And while Johnson has dealt with all of those things with grace and maturity, his stuff has backed up a bit. He’s been 87-90 this spring with more or less the same secondaries he’s always had (a short but tight low-80s cutter, a solid-average curveball in the mid-70s, and a fringe changeup) but less command. He’s still likely to have a big-league future of some kind, but it’s probably as a fifth starter or bullpen lefty rather than the mid-rotation starter many thought he’d be when drafted.”

  • Will Murray

    The hell with it. I’m feeling positive. I’m thinking the Jays win tonight. Also, as someone who’s had MRIs explained to me before, I feel once told it’s good news, Gibby and I were would have similar ways of faking our way with through pretending to know what the doctor was saying when showing us radiology images.

  • Space Ghost

    I’d pay good money to kick Damien Cox in the nuts. Like, seriously, I’d donate $1000 to charity for the opportunity. Maybe $10,000 if I could do it twice.

  • The Humungus

    I’m not sure if this is a thing, but I’m pretty sure that I remember talk a couple years ago that Smoak was naturally right-handed and learned to hit left to become a switch hitter.

    Is it possible that maybe he shouldn’t hit left? Like when Sandoval stopped hitting right for a year and a half?

    Or am I just being a small-sample size clown grasping as straws in this shitty, shitty start?

  • 0noggin

    It’s going to be a long season, and it’s looking like there will be a significant amount of roster churn as injuries and non-performance force the Jays to consider other options. For left field, although Pompey isn’t an option (still concussed), Alford is looking like a guy who could theoretically make the team by end of year: this is his slash line at AA: 514 .605 .657 1.262. Decent defender and has speed, too.

    • lukewarmwater

      Good comments Onoggin, I see you posted around 11 hours after the Jays latest loss. My posting is now 12 hours and still no story on that game. Some one pissed his pants the other day suggesting going to a different system. Personally I don’t care about what system is used. What I care about is consistently, NO not the Jays but this site. As much as I enjoy it, sadly it forces me to go other sites to try to keep up with the CURRENT ACTION JACKSON.

      • Mule or etc...

        The Jays started out sucking. Then they continued to suck some more. Last night they got within one run of not sucking but faced with the physical law of inertia they ended up sucking some more.

        There. Now you’re (got it right this time!) all caught up.

        • lukewarmwater

          Thanks Mule you are right sadly the Jays have sucked a lot of nights, sorry that I had the audacity to suggest that maybe, just maybe we would get a review of the game of the game with in 12 freaking hours. SO THERE. Btw. what other site did you go to read the pros, the cons, the trolls, the media bashers, the attack other posters about last nights game. Like I said Mule, Jay fans realise that this could be a long, long season, so I’ll continue to simply enjoy the game played by the boys of summer and who knows today being another day, maybe their will be a summary of today’s game within a few hours after the contest, one can always hope. RIGHT.

          • Mule or etc...

            Hopefully I didn’t offend as I was just trying to make a stupid joke. This blog, Fangraphs, and MLBTradeRumors are really the only baseball sites I read as I’m blessed with a job that keeps me away from a computer screen so my time is limited.

            Jays in the House has an active commenting community and usually post an article (or at least an excuse for a new thread) every morning so if you’re looking for more interaction it’d be a good place to start.

            Jays from the Couch I believe does game threads and recaps but I was never a fan of the writing but it’s also fair to say I probably expect too much from sports blogs.

            ESPN’s game recaps I find give you all the pertinent information and hour or so after the game although you can imagine the level of commenting there.

            Hope at least some of that info is of some use to you. Cheers.