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Steve Pearce Gets a Rehab Start in New Hampshire

Oh, well this is news:

For some reason the Jays have been rather mum on the progress Steve Pearce has been making as he’s dealt with a calf injury. A little over a week ago, John Gibbons told reporters that Pearce was two or three weeks away, and… actually that timeline checks out.

Chris Coghlan, we hardly knew ye!

The thing about the situation for the Jays in left field is, I don’t think it’s quite as bad as some fans like to make out. Ezequiel Carrera has a tough time out there sometimes, and he gets a bit exposed as an everyday player, but he’s actually been holding it down with the bat. Zeke’s Thunder has produced a .289/.357/.395 slash line on the season, which is good for a 106 wRC+. The on-base there is especially tasty! And… well… frankly, Pearce isn’t going to help a whole lot in terms of defence out there anyway. At least not as compared to Zeke.

He’ll look more comfortable than Coghlan or Darwin Barney out there, though! And he’ll add yet another bat to what’s now a rather dangerous lineup.

The dream of Pearce stealing Justin Smoak’s job at first base seems to be dead, but that doesn’t mean the Jays can’t use him — and fast. The Jays are due to face a pair of lefty starters in Seattle on Saturday and Sunday (Ariel Miranda and James Paxton), and while that’s probably too soon to hope that Pearce might be ready for the big leagues for then… maybe he could be!

Either way, his return — the return of another actual, usable bat either in the outfield or on the bench… or, oh shit, right! At second base, too! — will be damn welcome.

  • Jeff2sayshi

    The left field story is purely about defense. Yesterday’s game should not have gone extras, and Liriano should not have had to be pulled after 5. Yet Coghlan booting a couple balls takes an easy game to a nail biter and taxes the bullpen.

  • AD

    Is this a very dangerous lineup though? I mean from a power perspective, yes. But if you keep them in the ballpark they have a really, really, hard time scoring runs. They dont get on base a ton like the yanks or sux lineup does either. The jays lineup was a little bit stronger the last few years in my opinion. They need a LFer with speed, on base, and contact skills badly. As a jays fan, it pains me to say it but they might be the 4th or 5th best lineup in the division.

    • The Humungus

      Really? The Orioles line-up has the exact same problems as the Jays line-up, only with less talent top-to-bottom (both corner OF spots and SS are just awful unless they play Trumbo in the OF).

      Tampa’s line-up is definitely worse. And The Yanks are “better” only because the league hasn’t figured out Judge yet and Hicks and Gardiner are playing way over their heads at the moment. Even the Sox line-up isn’t great once you get past the top 5, Bradley is regressing pretty hard this year.

      The Jays are, at the worst, 3rd, and you could make a reasonable case for the best once Travis gets healthy, especially if Smoak and Pillar don’t turn back into pumpkins.

      • AD

        Pillar is already pretty close to turning back into a pumpkin. Look at his stats the last 3 weeks or so. Are tulo and martin really good offensive players anymore? I dont think so, they are just decent, maybe a little above league avergage. Jbats is the not the same hitter he was 2 or 3 years ago. Smoak is probably playing over his head but has lookes very impressive. I’d the the sox or yanks lineup over the jays in a heartbeat. They are able to score more runs consisently because they are great at getting on base and dont just rely on the home run ball to get them in.

    • Steve-O

      Last year’s lineup posted the 6th best OBP in all of MLB. (It’s a bit unfair to use 2017 numbers with so many of the Jays regulars out of the lineup so far.)

      So it may have bee an issue when you’re running Barney, Goins, Coughlan and Maile out there on a regular basis, but I don’t think getting runners on base is going to be a problem going forward.

  • matt2

    Looked into this second base thing a little… He’s played 242 innings at second (MLB/minors combined) in the last decade. That’s out of a little more than 8000 innings in the field. UZR likes his tiny 2B sample but: are we… sure … about… this? How well would have to hit vs. Goins/Barney? Especially when he’s probably an upgrade in left?