Series Recap: Some Runs Would Have Been Nice

Well shit. That was absolutely brutal. Even though the Jays managed to squeeze out a win between two losses, it was nothing to get to high on. Yet to win a series in June, they lost another one against the worst pitchers in the league.

What happened?

On Tuesday, the Jays went to Biagini to get things off on the right foot. Beej did a decent job, and the bullpen was excellent holding the Orioles to only three, but the bats were nowhere to be seen. A solo home run from Tulo with two outs in the ninth was the only run the Jays could muster up. 3-1 Orioles

On Wednesday, On the back of a phenomenal outing from Stroman, and a lockdown inning from Osuna the Jays shut out the Orioles. Still only managing four runs (two of which were gifted from the Orioles shitty defense) the Jays took their only win of the series. 4-0 Jays

On Thursday, JA Happ and the pen looked excellent again, limiting the Orioles to only two runs. For some reason, , owever the Jays couldn’t figure out Jimenez, who currently sports a 7+ ERA. 2-0 Orioles.

Things that were good

  • The pitching. Pretty easy to look at the scores and see that the Jays staff did their job, limiting the Orioles to three or fewer runs through the series. Biagini had a decent start giving the team a chance to win, and Stroman and Happ were lights out. The bullpen was phenomenal as well, allowing no runs through all three games. This included a hell of an inning from Roberto Osuna, in which he came in to strike out the side in order locking down the only win of the series.

Things that weren’t good

  • The bats were a disgrace. With an opportunity to get on a roll against a team putting out dog shit pitching, the Jays fell flat on their face. Only putting up a total of 5 runs over three games against pitchers that normally hand out runs like candy, Toronto looked like they were swinging spaghetti noodles at killer bees. Funny thing about this game, if you don’t score runs, you don’t fucking win. The offense was anemic and needs to find its groove again, otherwise, they’re going to see parts of their clubhouses packing their bags soon and moving on.

Up next…

The Jays will get right back at it on Friday stepping into a tough part of the schedule. Tonight starts with Boston, but the likes of the Yankees and the Astros are on the horizon. Optimism low, but anything can happen. Right?