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Series Recap: Owned

The Blue Jays got their asses handed to them this weekend by the Boston Red Sox. There’s no other way to put it. That was hideous. They got owned.

What happened?

On Friday, the Jays grabbed an early 3-0 lead, but let it slide away. Marco Estrada couldn’t find the strike zone, and the bullpen wasn’t able to hold things down. The Sox eventually won with a big 11th inning rally. 7-4 Red Sox. 

On Saturday, the Jays celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday by getting destroyed. Francisco Liriano wasn’t good, Chris Sale was very good. 7-1 Red Sox.

On Sunday, the Red Sox completed the sweep by absolutely kicking the shit out of Joe Biagini and the bullpen. The Jays bats again got nothing going, but it didn’t matter at all. 15-1 Red Sox. 

All in all, the Jays got pounded 29-6 over this three-game sweep. They now sit 9.5 games back of the division. Even the most optimistic believers are having a hard time seeing the light at the end of this tunnel.

Things that were good

  • Uhhhhhhhhh…. Nothing? I mean, hell, what can you really say? The Jays got destroyed. The pitching got knocked around, the offence got nothing going. Half of the runs the Jays scored this weekend was on one swing by Justin Smoak in the first inning of Friday’s game. It was awful. The only good thing is that it’s over and we can try to pretend it never happened.
  • Actually, Justin Smoak deserves some praise. He had five of the team’s 17 hits this weekend and has been a massive bright spot all year. Raise a glass to Smoak, everyone. He deserves it.

Things that weren’t good

  • The bats were very bad. Very, very bad. They managed just 17 hits over the series. They also struck out 29 times.
  • The pitching was also bad. Marco Estrada had a hell of a time on Friday. He got pulled in the fifth inning after allowing his seventh walk. Francisco Liriano wasn’t terrible, but five earned runs in six innings isn’t going to win you many games. And finally, Joe Biagini allowed seven runs before being pulled in the sixth.
  • All around, fuck, that sucked. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about it. We all thought those horrid losses and injuries in April were rock bottom? We’ve found a lower point. It’s really frustrating and hard to watch. You look at this team and it’s easy to see how much better they could be. We’ve fallen in love with this group over the past two seasons, but now, it’s becoming clear that the good times have come to an end.

Up next…

The Jays won’t have much time to feel sorry for themselves. They head to New York tomorrow for three games with the Yankees then come back home for four against the Houston Astros. This is that dreaded difficult schedule we’ve been talking about for weeks, and unless the Jays randomly turn things around, this stretch could be the nail in the coffin.

  • lukewarmwater

    Cam you truly summed it up for this Ray Miland lost weekend. No sense kicking at the carcass and thus looking forward to progress reports on the farm prospects as know need to recap that shit demonstrated at home which incidentally saw the Jays drop below 500 at home. The only comment I would make regarding the steer manure pile is watching the corner out fielders being totally out played by the Boston speedy young out fielders. Left field has been a black hole no matter who we send out there.
    Shatkins get the rebuild in high gear.

  • Oz Rob

    I think it’s time to relish in the memories of two amazing playoff years that seemingly came out of nowhere and embrace the fact that the rebuild should start now so that the wait for the next playoff team is not so long. I think we have to have faith in the front office in this regard. But the real thing that sucks is that if they decide to trade one or two of the impending free agent starters Estrada (who is killing his value), Happ and Liriano…who is going to fill in for them the rest of the way? Same deal if they trade Donaldson, which although it kills me, I think should happen. It could be a horrendous slog the rest of the way this year. But no pain no gain right?

  • Rob Ray

    The worst part of this weekends disaster was the fact they weren’t even competitive. Since Travis went down the life has been sucked out of the offense. I don’t really think there’s a player you can trade for who would make it better and the club probably lacks the prospect capital to pull anything off anyway. A rebuild might be a bit of a stretch right now. Most of the players you’d figure to move for prospects right now are struggling. Management will almost have to wait 3 weeks and see if the club either rights the ship or see if some of the guys can at least come around and make them more marketable.