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Game Threat: It Can’t Be Much Worse…Can It?, Blue Jays (44-52) @ Cleveland (49-45)

Yesterday went about as bad as it possibly could have for the Blue Jays. Not only did they get smacked around en route to another blowout, this time at the hands of the Clevelands, but they also may have lost Tulowitzki in the process. On top of that, although not directly a result of that game, Sanchez’s visit to the hand specialist didn’t provide fantastic results. Tonight the boys in blue look to bounce back from another blowout (they seem to be happening way too often lately….) with Stroman on the mound.

News and Scuttlebutt

As mentioned above, the Jays lost Tulo in the loss last night. As of right now, he isn’t on the DL, but the Jays will be watching it day to day. This is especially bad news, as Tulo had been looking like he was turning it around on the bat as of late going .315/.339/.444 over his last 13 games, per Wilner.

A lot of roster moves day, as Sanchez’s blister continues to hinder him, sending the starter to the DL for the 4th time. Beliveau was also sent down with a pair of Smiths brought up to bolster the pen.

Finally, some more good information from Shi on the looming trade deadline.



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And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Marcus Stroman: 3.10 ERA, 119 IP, 8.9 H9, 1.0 HR9, 2.4 BB9, 7.4 SO9


Danny Salazar: 5.40 ERA, 55 IP, 9.7 H9, 1.8 HR9, 4.6 BB9, 12.6 SO9

Stroman has been pitching like an absolute stud lately. If he can continue to roll he’ll put the Jays in a great position to take this game against Cleveland, and set up for a possible series victory tomorrow. As for the bats, with the way Salazar pitches this has a lot of potential of being a three true outcome kind of night.