Daily Duce: Friday, August 4th


Ken Rosenthal tweets that José Bautista is on trade waivers, which… jesus, do we have to do this every year? José, because of his 10-and-5 rights, could veto any trade or waiver claim. Let’s let him play out the string here and go out like the icon he is, eh?

Oh, wait, did somebody say Bautista is an icon?

Oh, but don’t worry, this was just a question. Definitely no slant to it! He said “honestly”! (Maybe Trevor Linden can explain it to him.)

Hey, Raffy Lopez is about to be on the Jays’ roster! (I don’t know either.) (OK, I do know — Miguel Montero has a groin issue and Lopez has been the Buffalo Bisons’ catcher most of the year, has had a couple cups of coffee in the big leagues, a nice line this year, and some pop — but I didn’t until I looked it up.)

Hey, and speaking of Bisons catchers, Danny Jansen has been moved up to Triple-A!

The report on Lopez came from Sportsnet, where we also have Ben Nicholson-Smith looking at the Jays’ August trade candidates. They’re… uh… not exactly an inspiring group.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, the Tao of Stieb looks at how the Jays’ outfield is now crowded with possibilities.

Three good ones, as always, from BP Toronto, as Richard Lee-Sam argues that a rebuild is too risky for these Jays, Josh Howsam is glad Marcus Stroman didn’t take his advice last winter, and Gideon Turk peers into the Jays’ murky future now that the trade deadline has passed — especially when it comes to Marco Estrada and José Bautista. On the latter, Gideon says, “until he decides to retire, he should be with this team,” which is a nice sentiment, but… uh… unless he decides to hang ’em up after this season, I’m not seeing it. There’s just no place for him here in 2018 — and the way he’s played this season, there really shouldn’t be, unfortunately.

Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun talks to J.P. Howell about the reliever’s recent hour-long chat with Roberto Osuna, as the latter looked for help from the former on getting through some of his recent struggles.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Scott Stinson wonders how long the Blue Jays’ popularity will last. (Longer if they don’t suck again in 2018, I bet!).

Over at the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin breaks down where the Jays’ payroll is going (and ends up in the same place I usually do), and says that the money will be there if the Jays want to contend next year. (Though he seems to like the idea of them moving Josh Donaldson, getting a starter back, and then using the freed-up money elsewhere, which… I’m not so hot on.)

Elsewhere at the Star, Rosie DiManno has some purple prose on Josh Donaldson.

Baseball America ranks the prospects traded at the deadline, and Teoscar Hernandez comes 13th — though maybe more impressively, Tom Pannone ranks 22nd.

Chris Mitchell of FanGraphs looks at some projections on Hernandez, and finds that their KATOH system quite likes him. Oh, sure, it gives him a 60% chance of finishing his first six years of service with less than on WAR, but start adding up those projections at the back end of the chart and it figures on, like, a 20% chance he’ll produce more than seven. That, sadly, is pretty not bad, as far as prospects go. (I’m not sure if that’s how you’re supposed to read those charts, BUT DAMN IT I’M DOING IT ANYWAY!).

As Drew mentioned on this week’s Birds All Day, a Eyewitness Accounts piece at Baseball Prospectus this week gave us some scouting on Bo Bichette, and hoo boy, it’s good.

Great stuff from Blue Jays From Away, as Jay looks at where the Jays are post-deadline, and tells us why right-hander Carlos Ramirez might get a September call-up.

And there’s great prospect stuff from Clutchlings, too, as they take a deep look at Samad Taylor, the young infielder acquired in the Joe Smith deal, as well as Tom Pannone.

Meanwhile, Tim Murray of MiLB.com looks at how Ryan Borucki pitched yet another gem in New Hampshire last night. It’s actually a pretty short gamer that doesn’t tell us a whole bunch, but it’s true that Borucki has been outstanding! He’s now allowed one run in 21 innings over three starts for the Fisher Cats, striking out 18 and walking just three.

A different kind of prospect story, as John Lott of the Athletic talks to the just-drafted Kasey Clemens about his journey to the big leagues, and the harassment he still gets because of his famous father.

Matt W of Bluebird Banter looks at how Kevin Pillar, in addition to being awful, has been unlucky over the past two months. Things are never quite as good, or as bad, as they seem, it seems.

Nick Ashbourne of Yahoo! Sports has a nice look at the many layers of Joe Biagini.

Nick also takes a look — a sensible one! — at Josh Donaldson, and the way he’s started to rediscover his power stroke in recent days.

Speaking of, uh… I’ll just leave this here:

MLB’s official account tweets an interesting video of Rickey Henderson talking about being on base for Joe Carter’s home run. Drew shouts out Rickey’s (apparent) smoking habit. (Meanwhile, I wonder if this is the sort of reason Jays fans are still so enamored with the silly idea of speedy guys having incredible intangible value as disruptors — because, y’know, apparently shitty Mitch Williams couldn’t have thrown a cookie to Joe Carter if Rickey wasn’t on base.)

Our friend Ryan over at Jays Droppings has us a letter from ol’ Gibbers to the fans.

Ian Hunter tells the Sporting News that Troy Tulowitzki’s health and contract are a bit of a problem for the Jays. Which… yeah.

From beneath his gallant cowboy hat, Tracy Ringolsby offers a trash take.

Jays Journal somewhat quaintly says that the club raising ticket prices right now is “wrong.” I agree, capitalism sucks.

Not Jays related, but a good read from Ken Arneson on the Oakland A’s, the Sonny Gray trade, and the way the new collective bargaining agreement forced Billy Beane’s hand.

Lastly, also not Jays related, but an outstanding one from David Davis at Deadspin on the iconic photos of Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis, et. al., during the gold medal 100M race in Seoul.

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  • TheStirredPot

    Do you have the option to make the links on these duces open as new tabs instead of changing the current tab when I click them? I know I can “right click-open in new tab”, and I am fine with it, just curious.

  • Will Murray

    How the Jays do handle Donaldson this offseason will be interesting. My own preference is to take a shot at things with him next year and see how it goes. If worst comes to worst, you can move him mid-season if things turn south.

    That said, if they do move him in the winter I’d have a tough time blaming Shapiro and Atkins. As much as I think the Jays should, and can, push to be as good as possible each year, I look at the 2018 and see a fair number of holes. In the era of a 2nd WC, that’s not as debilitating as it used to be, but if the front office thought there’s enough of a difference between his value in November versus his value next July, and don’t think it’s possible to fill the holes (or that bounce backs from Tulo and others aren’t probable), I can see them moving him.

    I don’t want to think about it too much, though, so hopefully he can hit the cover off the ball for two months, and remind the front office how good he can make this team when he’s healthy.