Tim Leiper Talking About Crushing Post-Game Beers With Gibby Is Your New Favourite Thing

I think I can level with you, friends. I’m definitely mailing in a post on this one, and it’s definitely entirely because I feel guilty because I didn’t do a whole lot of posting late last week — thank you very much, France’s thrashing of the Netherlands in a World Cup qualifier (as well as my own total-ass getting-way-too-old-for-this-shit obliteration with alcohol during and after France’s thrashing of the Netherlands in a World Cup qualifier — which, I might note, was only available on just one of the fifteen Sportsnet channels (apparently the one that literally nobody gets!), because god forbid anybody miss the fucking scintillating action between Portugal and the fucking Faroe Islands — which was on twelve at least twelve of the damned things… I mean… France versus Holland! COME ON SPORTSNET, WHAT IN THE GODDAMNED HELLL?????).

Uh… which is to say, SPEAKING OF ALCOHOL! Here’s Blue Jays first base coach Tim Leiper chatting with fellow Canadian baller Tim Smith about his post-game ritual and the “sin cabinet” the coaching staff likes to dip into, and ohmygod it’s pretty much the best.

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The clip here is just a small part of an outstanding, and much longer Leiper interview, which is up over at Yahoo! Sports, and as a right proper blogger, I emphatically encourage you to go over to their site and watch the whole thing. Fascinating stuff about the life of a Blue Jays coach, all of it. Seriously!