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These Reactions To The Granderson Signing Were Good

The Blue Jays signed Curtis Granderson! It was a right and good thing for a team like the Blue Jays to do, not without a little risk, but making sense for several reasons, as I wrote last night. But oh my, the reactions! So many of the reactions — they were bad. Awful, hissing, garbage reactions!

Now, that’s not to say that the deal is perfect or anybody has to love it or that we all must think the same way about it, but from “dumpster dive”-hating goofs to pipe dreaming weirdos to roster space lovers who can’t count to batting average and RBI luddites to those who mistake their ability to think of something negative to say for wit to obtuse-posturing tantrum lovers to those dumb enough to think age should be a disqualifying factor for a player signing a one-year contract to any and all manner of pissers and moaners, the deal was rejected by an impressively broad coalition of the useless. Those are the reactions I’m talking about here. Their reactions were bad.

These reactions, on the other hand, were good:


No, but seriously, it’s a nice pickup.

  • Teddy Ballgame

    I thought John Lott’s piece on the signing at The Athletic was great. Thoughtful, balanced, and free of stooping the insult level of internet trolls.

  • Regulator Johnson

    As far as I’m concerned Josh’s tweet is the perfect summary of how fans should react. The moves so far have been great. They are not enough. Having said that I’ve always loved Granderson and I’m stoked to root for him. Even if they do decide not to compete in 2018 let’s have more players like that please.

  • Voidhelix

    Jose Bautista’s WAR the last 5 years: 14.7
    Curtis Granderson’s: 10.3.

    How does Granderson make Toronto better than Bautista did last year? Granderson’s not playing CF, so you can nerf his projected WAR, right now.

      • Voidhelix

        You’re going to use a 1 year sample on a player who was a six time AS, while ignoring that Granderson ALSO has depreciated every year, including a .188 BA for LA last year? It works both ways.

        • The Humungus

          How about a 3 year sample, to mark the point where both dudes (who were born the same year) were in their mid-30’s and legitimately declining?

          Bautista – 6.4 WAR
          Granderson – 9.8 WAR

          Plus, Granderson graded out above average in RF last year, Bautista did not.

          At $5M? Fuck, I’ll take it.

        • Kris

          Jose Bautista .674OPS -0.5WAR and K% B% ISO% all seen major declines. His hard contact rate and exit velocity both point to major issues. Plus he is a terrible RF so you are going to take a major hit on defense for maybe a .750OPS hitter.

          Granderson 775OPS 2.1WAR K% is getting worst but not off a cliff like JB. B% and ISO% are better. Hard contact is about the same and I can’t find his EV. We are writing him off because of a bad month with the Dodgers?

          Fansgraph projects him at a 780OPS in a pitching park. Plus he his defense stats are still above average in the corners while JB is terrible. And he helps brings some balance to a RHB heavy lineup, which was a major issue last year.

          This move is not going to win the Jays the wildcard but it improves one of the worst positions (with a platoon) to maybe average to above average.

    • Torontoguy

      Babe Ruth last 125 years-168.4 WAR
      Ty Cobb last 125 years-149.3 WAR
      Granderson last 125 years- 46.1 WAR

      Jays being super cheap again!!! Shatkins sucks!!!!!!!

  • MikeB

    Love the Granderson deal. And eyeballing those OF WAR leaders over the past 3 years…hey, Pillar is 22nd on the list, just barely behind Cole Kalhoun (with similar PAs). Oh, and Cain is 4th…Not necessarily stumping for a Cain signing, but I didn’t expect him to be that high.

  • Voidhelix

    Front office apologists are the worst kind of brown noser. Use some objectivity for f*ck sake. The meat of our lineup was where Toronto had seuccess. After Donaldson what do we have there, in 2018? Because if you think Morales, Tulo, Granderson and Martin are propelling us to contention, you’re a bigger idiot than you look.

  • Psmithy

    The one thing for me about Granderson is like Steve Pearce his splits line him up as a possible platoon player, however both hit better against RHP.

    That said there are not a lot out there on the market with better projections, (J.D Martinez, Dyson and Cain all $$$$ https://www.fangraphs.com/depthcharts.aspx?position=ALL&teamid=0 ).

    It does signal the Jays approach to the OF in relation to there options for 2019 ( Teoscar, Pompey, Alford, etc.).

    It’s a great signing War/$. That said it would be nice to see what else they do for the outfield. However, It doesn’t seem like they are in on J.D and Cain.

    I am interested to hear from Atkins next on whether he see’s the jays looking at more OF options, or if hw signals they will look at RP and SP.

    • Voidhelix

      If you’re making acquisitions based on dollar valuation, then you’re not building a contender. You’re utilizing damage limitation protocol. This is a band-aid signing. How are the Jays going to get better with a hitter who’s arguably worse than Bautista was last year?

      • Ethan Kelly

        it’s not even remotely arguable that Granderson was a worse hitter than Bautista last year, and why wouldn’t you use value per dollar evaluations when you have a limited budget? Please change your diaper, it’s becoming obnoxious.

    • GrumblePup

      These signings let the Jays get younger in the long run while not completely punting on next season. No one expects the Jays to win the division next year with the roster the way it is. But they do have a legitimate chance at a wild card with the ability to trade assets at the deadline if they’re out of it.

      I really don’t understand how you can be so against these moves.

      • Teddy Ballgame

        Nobody loves where the Jays are at. But where they are now was inevitable when they traded a whack of young, controllable talent for older players starting in 2013, leading to the post-season parties of 2015-2016. An old core got old. Bar trading everyone at the deadline in 2016, I don’t see how having a tweener roster going into 2018 could have been avoided, short of Rogers suddenly acting like a Steinbrenner.

  • Voidhelix

    Last comment. In 2017 we lost Encarnacion, and in doing so our biggest RBI contributor. In 2018 we lost our best 2nd best HR hitter ( behind Donaldson). Who exactly is filling that power and run scoring void we’ve left gaping, with the letting go of Edwin and Jose? This lineup will struggle to score runs the way it looks today. We’ve lost our core. People can try and justify signings like these, but in reality signings like these will simply maker Toronto the same team it was last year. .500 or worse.

  • sparklenshine

    seems to be a great “value” pickup…sorta like going to no frills vs. whole foods…i’m rooting for him because, well, sorta have to. I guess the things that’s most disappointing is they seem to have cash left and seem reluctant to spend it…I don’t get it, it’s not like you can add it to next years budget and spend big on that FA class…maybe they’ll go get a starter now. anybody know where they stand now against last years opening day $163ish?

  • lukewarmwater

    Just what the Jays needed another solid utility veteran, who will be a key figure in the dug out. I’ve heard that several teams wanted Grandy, but we got him. I just wish the Dodger hadn’t been so mean and had added him to their world series roster.