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Rays 6, Blue Jays 2: Snore

This team looked like a group of people that worked a 12 hour shift on the other side of the country yesterday. Blue Jays lose 6-2.

Things worth mentioning…

  • JA Happ starts have been fun to watch lately but he just didn’t have it today. Over his last two turns through the rotation, Happ struck out 19 and walked none, but against the Rays tonight, he walked four and only fanned three. He wasn’t necessarily knocked around, though. He gave up a home run to obviously real baseball player Johnny Field in the third and a just three singles.
  • Although we can’t really blame them, the team looked lifeless tonight against a team that intentionally does bullpen games. It was so bad that MLB pitcher Ryan Yarbrough retired 15 straight at one point. I’ll give you a minute to Google him. Back yet? Okay, you know your offense had nothing when the team doing a bullpen game against you used four pitchers, and two of them were the set up guy and closer. The Blue Jays mustered just four hits and a walk against them.
  • Curtis Granderson led off with a double and tagged on two fly balls to score before leaving the game with right hamstring tightness, according to the team. If we read in between the lines and look at how they diagnosed other injuries this season, it means that his leg is gone and he’s day-to-day somehow. Dalton Pompey, who was called up earlier in the day, came in and collected his first hit since THE 2015 SEASON. It’s important to remember that even after all the agony Dalton has been through in the past few seasons that he’s still only 25. Hopefully he can stay healthy and get some real at bats in.
  • This game was an absolute snooze fest, but the good news here is that the Blue Jays only used Jake Petricka and Tim Mayza out of the pen, meaning the heavy lifters should all be good to go tomorrow, if needed.
  • Nice Guy Eddie

    Here’s an update on Tulo.

    “Tul;o says to tell all his fans in Toronto that he’s having a great year and hopes they are too!. Tulo says the $20million per year comes in handy cuz he’s got some bills and his kids want new bikes, so thanks for that. And Tulo wants to especially thank the great Alex Anthopoulos for bringing him to Toronto. Tulo loves playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, especially because the fans in Colorado would think their team is getting hosed, but those great fans in Toronto are real smart cookies who can tell a good trade when they see one! Lastly, Tulo says Clap, Clap, clapclapclap TULO!”