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Tigers 7, Blue Jays 4: Collapse

I swear, if I see that rally goose, I’m drop kicking it back across the border.

Things worth mentioning…

  • Let me just say this: JA Happ was better than his four earned runs over five line indicated. Jaimer Candelario, whoever that is, led off the bottom of the first with a homer, and then Happ seemed to have settled down. He stayed out of real trouble save for two doubles in the third, and then in the fifth, the center fielder formerly known as Superman botched an easy catch with two outs. It led to a run on the play and then another after a Nick Castellanos single. Because it wasn’t ruled an error, both were earned runs and affected Happ’s ERA, if that’s something you care about. Some good news is that he struck out eight hitters over five innings.
  • Speaking of Kevin Pillar, his offense has dried up again. His OPS now sits at .731 after his 0-4 this afternoon. Just to give you an idea on how much it has plummeted, on May 11th, 20 games ago, it was at .901. What makes matters worse is that his defense – which took a step back last year if you look at things like Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) and Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) – now isn’t even good enough to warrant playing him if he reverts to a wRC+ in the 80s.
  • The Maile man ended his dry spell going 2-2 with a double, home run, and walk. Vote Luke!
  • Teoscar Hernandez fouled a ball off of his foot in the fifth inning, and even though that doesn’t sound bad, he was visibly limping for a while before the at-bat resumed. He eventually flew out and exited the game. He went for X-Rays and according to Hazel Mae, they turned out negative.
  • The game was close until it wasn’t in the eighth after just three at bats. The Tigers went single, ground rule double, intentional walk, single, and sac fly to open up a three run lead in a rare bad outing from Seung-hwan Oh. Just when you thought they had a chance to snap out of their slide, that happens. They’ve now dropped five straight and 15 of their last 19.
  • AD

    This team fuckin sucks. Pillar should have been traded two years ago. Teoscar had a hot september last year but is showing that he isn’t that good. Morales is a sunk cost at this point. Starting pitching has been a mess with underperformance and injuries. Just blow this up and start trading pieces.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Right because every other team is just waiting to grab our players. And blow it up for what? To lose even more? In return for? What? Do you think we will be inundated with great prospects for our amazing players?
      I’m sure the FO already has a plan that will please you as we get near the trade deadline. Then the losing will get even worse. And for how long? You think it all turns around next year? Year after? You think.the FO will bring up Vlad in a fucking perrenial losing environment or hold off and keep him in AAA all of next year except for a Sept call up? Careful what you wish for.
      Yep..season is turning into a tire fire. Keep your comments coming!

      • AD

        So what would you do then?? This is an old, aging team. Trade the vets and get back good as you can prospects is what the move should be. They should have done this in the winter instead of trying to compete halfassed. Also, if you think Vlad jr is some sort of saviour you are delusional. Who knows how he will be in the pros. Its just hope at this point.