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Now Marcus Stroman Has A Blister, In Case You Thought All of This Couldn’t Get Worse

Marcus Stroman was cruising Tuesday night against the most potent lineup in the league. Through seven innings, he gave up just two hits and one earned run, while generating a ton of ground ball outs in typical Stroman fashion. It all came to a halt when he was removed from the game while taking his warmup pitches before the start of the eighth.

According to the Blue Jays Twitter account, as well as approximately 97 other people, Stroman left the start with a blister on the middle finger of his throwing hand. As we know, this is something that both he and Aaron Sanchez have already dealt with in the past.

The good news here is that the team can afford to lose Marcus Stroman because they only have like, two starters and have had to resort to bullpen games, and not intentionally like the Rays have been doing. The Rays. This is the bar that we can’t even clear. If you’re looking for actual good news, is that we don’t know how serious this will be, and even if it is bad, they’re like ninety games out of contention, anyway.

Oh, and Stroman couldn’t even get the win for his exceptional outing because in that 8th inning, Ryan Tepera gave up four runs.


    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Now now, let’s be positive 🙂 But I hear ya…but no, not like the Sanchez Bruise. Maybe they will just pour crazy glue on it, file it down and he’ll be good to go ala Al Leiter.

  • Mose

    Last year when Sanchez was seemingly out for the year with blister issues, Stroman also had blister issues and was adamant that he’s wasn’t going to miss a start, and he didn’t.

    Stroman’s compete factor is a strength, even though it make have cost his some effectiveness after he seemed to return too soon from his spring shoulder troubles.

    I still don’t quite understand how Sanchez has been away for weeks from a bruise to his knuckle…

    Are the Jays secretly trying to help him gain some level of command under the guise of the DL, a la Halladay’s return to single A?

    Or does his new agent have him fully booked shooting new Westjet commercials?

    • Oz Rob

      Sanchez’ finger is indeed a bit mysterious….given how tight-lipped they were about the blister issue and Sanchez saying all year he didn’t want to talk about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the present issue is blister related. He’s been out almost 2 months!

    • GrumblePup

      I’m obviously not an expert, and I obviously have no idea what the details of the finger bruise is, however:

      Back when I was playing mid-level competitive hockey, I had a bruise on one of my toes that made skating an absolute nightmare for like 2 and a half months.

      So I can totally understand how having a bruise on your finger could become a nightmare for a pitcher.

      I have no idea if this comment is worth anything, but there you go.

        • GrumblePup

          Actually,I tried to play the next game and couldn’t so I left part way through. Then I took 2 or 3 weeks off to see if it would get better, and it did not so I just played anyway because whatever.

          So yeah, it obviously did not heal as quickly as it could have, but it also was not healing anyway.
          So to reiterate, I can totally see why a professional athlete could take a long time to get back to 100% from a seemingly inconsequential injury of this nature.

  • Peter Gowdy

    Wow, do I miss Stoeten. Pitcher wins are meaningless. Yes, the blister that Stroman has is disappointing. But does everything have to revolve around the fact that the Jays are not in contention for a playoff spot? They’re not “like, ninety games out”, and that does not qualify as actual good news. Nor does the assertion that the Jays ” have like, two starters”. But thanks for wasting my time. I’d really rather have the previous post appear instead of this lame one. So …

    • Richard Lee-Sam

      Yes, pitcher wins are meaningless, but it’s always nice to see a guy get the W for a great outing like that. Also, do you think a potential blister would hurt the exact same amount if the Blue Jays WEREN’T 15 games back of the second wildcard spot (checked it for you, buddy!).

      And yes, love the Blue Jays pitching depth. My remark about the Blue Jays having two starters isn’t sarcastic at all. Not from this site. Enjoy this Mike Hauschild start. Nevermind, he’s already out of the game.

      Also, if you miss Stoeten, you should probably spend a few bucks to support him and his tremendous work.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Stoeten had great insight, and wrote pretty good articles. I miss him, but let’s not trash the new guys. Seriously, there are so many Jays related sites out there, if this one bothers you, then go. Simple you fucking pimple…haha, sorry, didn’t mean to call you a pimple…but simple, yeah it suits this post!!!

      • Peter Gowdy

        Okay pimple-caller, you do have a delete key right? I’ll trash any new guy if I think they deserve it, if I feel like it. I think Cam (for example) is terrific most of the time, so I won’t leave this place because I hurt Richard’s feelings. It’s the exact same thinking that is behind your vicious pimple attack on me 😛 The comment section. Freedom of speech. That kind of thing. And I don’t care how many people trash my comments either.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Uhh, based on your posted pic, I would have to say the blister is….I’ll leave it to the readers 🙂
      No, you don’t trade the talent of Stroman, because of the maturity issues. Everybody grows at some point. That being said, we are not inside the clubhouse and have no idea if there are any issues or if there are, how severe they are. The FO will take care of things, either way. A sit down, or a trade. And if a trade, hopefully focus on the benefits of what may come back. And then Ross can spend 2 weeks spinning corporate talk, and taking what should be a 3-5 sentence description of what happened, and turn it into nonsense and befuddlement….or maybe I don’t have my bullshit translator attuned to him yet. I’ll have to figure that out, or get a crystal ball..yep, procrastinating, instead of working…sorry, I’ll go to lunch now.

        • El Cabeza

          What a waste, they didn’t get Giles’ talent along with him? The Astros FO must be giggling themselves silly after getting Osuna’s talent and keeping Giles’ talent while just getting rid of his body.

          • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

            Guys, let’s give him some time. He obviously has talent. He’s in a new city, a new country and well, maybe he’s brought some issues that Smoaks therapist can help out with. And I say that will all sincerity. Let’s wait and see what happens.