James Paxton is a Yankee now

Days after the Blue Jays shook the baseball world by acquiring Trent Thornton from Houston, the New York Yankees flexed their muscles and responded by trading a package of prospects to Seattle for lefty James Paxton.

Jokes about Thornton — a throughly solid addition — aside, this sucks all kinds of ass. The Yankees, who are loaded up everywhere save for their rotation, just acquired a Canadian ace who is under control for two more seasons. There’s also a very good chance they’ll dip into the free agent market and make another splash, like Dallas Keuchel or Patrick Corbin.

I mean, this doesn’t really change anything. The Yankees are… good. The Blue Jays are… not. Adding Paxton to an already-good group in New York doesn’t change the fact the Jays are still years away from contending, it’s just sad we’re sitting here watching the birth of yet another Yankees dynasty over here. Also, I want to cheer for Paxton to do well, but now I can’t because he’s in the Bronx.

There had been some talk among Jays fans that they should sack up and pull the trigger on a deal to acquire Paxton after it became known the shitty Mariners realized how shitty they are and decided to blow it up. I don’t think it was ever going to happen because Paxton doesn’t fit Toronto’s contention plans, but it was a fun thought.

The idea of a Canadian ace pitching for the Jays is always pleasant. Too bad the Jays didn’t sign him back in 2010 *wink*

  • The Humungus

    I’m not thrilled about Paxton being with the Yanks until I remember that he’s 30 and has yet to top 165 IP in a season despite having 4+ years of service time.

    Given that the return was something along the lines as if the Jays had given up Nate Pearson, Trent Thornton and Dwight Smith Jr., yeah, it’ll hurt, but I don’t think it’ll hurt as bad as it could had they acquired Thor

  • heatdreamer

    This is good news , now the Yankees will go after Corbin to round out their SP Staff. This leaves JA Happ to the Jays for three years. Sign up Happ for 3 /42 MM. Happ, Stroman, Sanchez, and pray for rain.

  • Terry Mesmer

    Why is this bad? Wouldn’t you rather the Jays face Paxton for the next two years, when we’re probably not in contention, or Justus Sheffield the next six years, when the Toronto Young Ones are fighting for playoff glory?