The Troy Tulowitzki Revenge Tour begins with a bang

The Blue Jays made a controversial decision over the off-season to release Troy Tulowitzki. In doing so, they ate the rest of his contract and freed him to sign with any team in the league. And, of course, since we live in a simulated version of hell, he signed with the New York Yankees.

Tulo, who Yankees people have raved about thus far, played his first (real? kind of real? idk) baseball game since he got injured in July, 2017 running to first base. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Tulo’s first game back happened to be against the Blue Jays, and he happened to be batting leadoff. To further compound this incredible coincidence, he was batting against Marcus Stroman, who just recently shit all over the front office for not having enough veterans on the team.

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Guess what happened next!

The Troy Tulowitzki Revenge Tour started off with a solo homer against the club that’s paying him a lot of money to play against them. As we know, the reality is as soon as you put on Pinstripes, you get better. Those are the rules.

Look, I’m not here to complain about the decision to let Tulo go, or anything. There’s a funny thing going on in which many of the people who said TULO OVERPAID BUM ALWAYS INJURED SOFT BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS TOUGHER are now saying that he would have been the key to a Blue Jays playoff push and the Jays fucked up by releasing him.

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I’m just here to point out this is a hilarious coincidence. Feel free to drawn your own conclusions.

A couple of updates…

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So Tulo talked about how nice the homer made him feel after the game. I mean, nothing wrong with that, given it’s first first bomb in a year-and-a-half. But the comment afterwards is interesting.

That was the team that basically told me I couldn’t play anymore. Hmmmmm.

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  • Mantooth

    I know I’m in the minority but I love this. I hope he has a great year just to prove how stupid it was to outright release him and pay his full contract. He was actually paid by us to hit a homerun against us lol ?

      • Mantooth

        Who said I hate the team?!? I’m saying it was a stupid decision by the fo. They release him, feed us this bs that they wanted to open up the spot for the kids to develop and then sign Freddy Galvis?!? That sounds like a bunch of lies to me

        • pepc72

          Freddy Galvis will be a backup when the time is right, Tulo said he wasn’t going to be a backup. Galvis is a shortstop who can play multiple positions, with experience at 2nd, 3rd, LF, and 1 game in CF, while Tulo said that he is the starting shortstop, and he has no interest in playing any other position, end of story. I’m sorry, but that is not the kind of leadership I want around, and who knows how he will fare on the field, but it is a sure thing that he would not make the Jays significantly better this year or next, at least not enough to make a real difference. The Jays are going with kids, why have Tulo blocking Guerriel or Bichette on a team that is going nowhere? And let’s be honest, if the Jays could have eaten only 80% or 90% of his contract and traded him for basically nothing in return, they would have, but not one other team would do it. No matter what Tulo does on the field this year and next, feels like the Jays made an addition by subtraction by ditching him and his attitude which is obviously not team first

          • Mantooth

            Are you joking?!? Tulo’s health would limit him to 4/7 games while Galvis hasn’t missed a game in 2 years, majority of that at SS. You want Gurriel to play and learn from the best, he learns from Tulo. Galvis is going to play way more and completely block young players from playing and getting experience. After the Galvis signing, I am 100% positive that his release was personal and not at all a baseball move. I’m pretty sure there’s 20 million reasons this year to support that

        • The Humungus

          Galvis: Widely reported to be a good teammate and the kind of guy you’d want mentoring young talent

          Tulo: Enigmatic weirdo who said if I’m not the shortstop, I’ll go home

          Yeah, I wonder which guy you’d rather have around as Bo’s stop-gap.

          As far as you hating the team, you made that pretty obvious when you said you want a former player in the Jays division to do well to stick it to Jays management.

          • Mantooth

            You do realize that it’s been widely reported that Bo leans on Tulo as his mentor right?!? And just cause I don’t believe in our management team, doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. But you might think it’s smart business to pay a man to hit HR’s against you.

          • AD

            How do you know that was the case? I would not trust this FO to be honest at all with what is being fed to the media. And why wouls you pick galvis over tulo as a mentor? Galvis is a freaking journeyman, tulo was a hall of famer before all the injuries. Your posts sound like they are coming from ross atkins’ wife burner account.

          • The Humungus

            Tulo as a mentor for Bo : sure, but we’re not just talking about a mentor for one guy here. We’re talking about a guy to work with the guys who are already in the big leagues. Plus, if Bo is ready this year, or even next year, would you rather that “take my ball and go home” is pushed to a back-up role then? Or rather that Freddy Galvis, who can and will play multiple positions is?

            Tulo as a weirdo who does things his own way : have you never read anything about his background? hyperbaric chambers and shit?

            Tulo as a guy who said “If I’m not the shortstop, I’ll go home” : I mean, he said it. It wasn’t a leak from the front office.

            Galvis as a journeyman: He’s played for two organizations in 12 previous professional seasons, with a trade facilitating his only move prior to reaching free agency (he has 6+ years of service time).

            As far as paying the man to “hit HR’s against you”, yeah, exactly. They definitely knew he’d be a Yankee when they released him. The dude has played 120+ games 3 times in the last 7 seasons, including missing an entire year last year. He’s a 34 year old who publicly stated he wouldn’t move off shortstop. This is stupid.

            Sure, it sucks they’re paying him to play elsewhere. But, this isn’t the front office that traded for that albatross contract. He served his purpose by playing outstanding defence in place of Jose Reyes and helping the team make the playoffs. But let’s none of us pretend that he wasn’t going to be released at some point anyway. Maybe it happened a year early, but he wasn’t going to play for the 2021 Blue Jays, let alone the 2020 Blue Jays. So, fuck it, move on. That money didn’t keep the team from improving.

    • Peter Gowdy

      You’re one of the idiots referred to in this piece. I hope he has a great year because I like Troy. They were going to pay his whole contract whether they released him or not. And the whole contract was less than the Jose Reyes contract, which they traded to get Troy. If Troy does have a great year, it in no way proves that it was stupid to release him and pay his full contract. Ugh!

      • Cam Lewis

        No idea what you’re on about here. All I’ve written in my articles in regards to Tulo is how I would over and over make the trade to get him again, I was surprised they didn’t want him around the kids, and I would love to see him excel. But, as usual, Pete is completely lost.

  • dolsh

    We all know that the Tulo we saw in Toronto wasn’t the real Tulo right? He’s absolutely young enough to have a few more Rockies-like years in him. I hope he kills it this year.

  • Matty

    If Tulo is healthy enough to play every day someone needs to be fired. Either the jays medical staff/trainers or management that flushed $38MM. Someone needs to be held accountable.

    The high performance/cutting edge trainers blah blah as added up to a blown calf while rehabbing and a misdiagnosis of a players physical ability.

  • El Cabeza

    Why didn’t they call Mr. “If I’m not the starting shortstop, I’ll retire” on his bluff. Go through the spring training motions, then announce that he’ll be the second baseman off the bench?