Blue Jays offering $5 beer at Rogers Centre

It looks like the front office is finally doing something to make this team watchable this year. HEYOOO!!!!

According to a post in City News, the Blue Jays will be offering $5 (12 oz) beers this season so that fans “can get more value when they’re at the Rogers Centre.” Apparently each level of the stadium will have a stand in which fans can grab a cheap (well, relatively speaking) cold one, though we don’t yet know what brand it’ll be.

This is obviously good news because the prices for beers at Blue Jays games is astronomical. You can very, very easily end up spending like $60 on three or four beers if you drink quickly, have no self control, or don’t like sitting still. While this $5 will surely be ass and the lines will be insane, $5 for a beer at a major sporting event is about as good as it gets.

One of Mark Shapiro’s big visions when he was hired back in 2015 was improving the fan experience at Rogers Centre. Before you go hurrr durrr well why do you no worry about the ACTUAL team there SHATKINS, stadium experience is a key part of the business of a Major League team and its something Toronto has lagged behind in.

While you may not like Shapiro for his work in Cleveland given the fact the team itself wasn’t all that good and they always operated on a small budget, he did an excellent job making Progressive Field a go-to destination for baseball fans. Let’s hope that he can do the same thing here. Until then, find me wandering around Rogers looking for the kiosk with the shortest line for the $5 cold one.

  • dolsh

    That’s a bit of a Ford-esque distraction. Will the $5 beer be from one of Molson or Labatts? Or maybe Steamwhistle? They’re only across the street. Either way, I’d bet a couple pints that it’ll be crap beer. I’d have no issue paying for a good pint. Just get a selection from the dozens of awesome craft brewers in the city into the Dome.
    The problem (IMO) has always been selection, not price.

  • The Humungus

    I’m hoping this is more like the “Your Dad’s Beer” stands that populate some US stadiums. Progressive has a couple of them, they sell cheap cans of stuff like PBR, High Life, Schlitz, Schaefer and rotating discount brands based on the visiting team (when I saw the Jays there they had OV and Blue).

    Because that would be great.

  • Cincinnatus C.

    I don’t get the narrative that Shapiro was good at money but sucked at baseball in Cleveland. He took a team that was right at its best-before date (with what has got to be the worst starting staff that ever won a division title), turned it over, and in his fourth year there they won 93 games; in his sixth year they won 96 games and went to the ALCS, and at the time he left they were set up to be contenders for years. That looks like a pretty decent baseball track record to me.

    • The Humungus

      It’s because Cleveland never spent money on players and traded stars prior to their best before date. People believe that he’s here to operate the Jays in the same manner despite literally no evidence to that effect (aside from not signing Bryce Harper like a goddamned coward).

      You’re absolutely correct. The team had winning years, and multiple executives around baseball have come from that organization as part of John Hart’s GM tree.

      It’s true that Cleveland has never spent, though. MLBTR posted a list today of the largest contracts ever signed by each organization (dollar-wise, regardless of free agent or extension) and Cleveland ranked right at the bottom with Edwin’s deal being the biggest they have ever handed out in terms of guaranteed money (tied with Pittsburgh, who’s biggest deal ever was a 6yr, $60M extension signed by Jason Kendall in the year 2000). It’s a pretty interesting list: