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Jays blow five-run lead, suffer a walk-off winner in Boston

Well, that sucked. The Jays had a five-run lead through five innings, but were unable to contain some of the World Series-winning offence with some mediocre pitching, losing 6-5 by a walk-off single by Rafael Devers.

It was a game full of highs and lows — massive home runs and some blown saves by Biagini and Giles — but at least it was an entertaining performance by a team with no expectations. Fortunately, we can still enjoy how terrible the Red Sox have been this season.

  • Heading into the bottom of the ninth with a 6-5 lead, Ken Giles and the Jays had a daunting task ahead of them. Mookie Betts was handed a walk and Mitch Moreland was able to hit a double off the closer and score the reigning AL MVP. Shortly after, J.D. Martinez was intentionally walked with the game now tied and Xander Bogaerts was walked unintentionally. Devers was able to hit a single and Eduardo Nunez, who was pinch-running for Moreland, was able to score the winning run. Killing our hope of a quasi series sweep against Boston.
  • Freddy Galvis has cemented him as the best player in this lineup by a mile tonight. He was 4-for-4 with a solo home run to right field.
  • Our favourite player in the whole world for the next couple weeks, Rowdy Tellez was able to hit a home run that was reportedly the farthest-hit homer at Fenway Park, ever — but it was later denied and might not be true. But it will be forever true in our hearts. The two-run home run gave the Jays a five-run lead.

Apparently Rowdy Tellez just hit the longest home run ever recorded at Fenway Park

  • Adding to the trilogy of Blue Jays home runs tonight was Justin Smoak with a three-run bomb that opened the scoring for either team at the top of the third.
  • Aaron Sanchez finished the game after five innings pitched, allowing five hits and four walks with one earned run. A wild pitch in the fifth caused Xander Bogaerts to score, giving Boston their fourth run of the game and cutting the Jays’ lead to 5-4.
  • Nathan Eovaldi allowed five earned runs and six hits in just five innings pitched, walking four Jays batters as well. Another showcase of how brutal the pitching from the Red Sox has been this season. You hate to see it.
  • Jeff2sayshi

    The Sox scored three in the third, so the Jays didn’t even have a five run lead for a single inning.

    There SHOULD be some talk about why we keep running Socrates Brito out there. I get it, he was acquired via trade, but he’s clueless at the plate. Bases loaded, late in the game, why not pinch hit for him?

  • The Humungus

    They’re really doing some dirty shit on that Tellez homer. It was shown at 115.2mph on the exit velocity and now it’s not showing up on statcast for either velo or distance, despite the fact that six (SIX!) other home runs hit yesterday are on those lists.