Stroman denies reports of possible contract extension

After last night’s report from Andy Martino of SNY, regarding the Blue Jays potentially signing Stroman to an extension if they don’t find the desired trade return, the starter took to Twitter to respond to a certain tweet.

It clearly takes two sides to agree to a contract. Even if the reports are true and that Ross Atkins and the Blue Jays’ front office is telling teams wanting to acquire Stroman before the July 31 deadline, that they will just sign the pitcher to an extension if the trade demands aren’t met, they still need to actually do the whole “re-sign Stroman” thing.

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Earlier reports coming directly from Stroman has been that the team hasn’t approached him about a new contract that will keep him in Toronto beyond his free agency eligibility after the 2020 season.

This might be the most obvious negotiation tactic that the public and most likely other teams, can directly see through and will try to play tough when it comes to what they’re willing to give up for the 28-year-old All-Star.

From where everything stands now, this will most likely go right down to the wire — as the Blue Jays and the interested teams inch closer and closer to the middle of their demands.

The reported teams are the Yankees, Astros, Braves, and the Twins, with some sprinkling of Reds and Cardinals in there. No matter what, it appears that Stroman will be playing for another franchise as soon as the clock hits midnight on August 1st.

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Stroman is on-pace to have his fourth 3.0+ WAR season in the five years since he’s made his debut. Through 124 and 2/3 innings this season, Stroman has the third-best ERA in the AL (2.96) and is keeping his career 7.24 K/9 steady, with a 7.15 K/9 this year.