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The Scumbag Organization Lost, Thank God

Turns out, karma might exist.

It took an exciting seven games of back-and-forth odds that held no security who would come out the champions, but the Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros by a score of 6-2 to be crowned for the first time in franchise history.

Coming in as the biggest betting underdogs since the Colorado Rockies faced the Boston Red Sox in 2007 — which led to a Boston sweep.

Despite those odds, the Nationals are champions and have kept every single baseball fan with an actual heart hopeful that good guys sometimes do win it all.

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There’s a key lesson to be learned from the Washington Nationals’ excellent story

The Astros are just simply an organization filled with some gross practices and more disgusting players that are somehow cheered for.

If you lived under a rock for the past couple weeks in the baseball world, Astros now-former AGM Brandon Taubman made terrible comments directed to female reporters in the clubhouse celebration after they defeated the New York Yankees in the ALCS. Gloating in only a way you can imagine that a wealthy white man does, he aggressively cheered for acquiring domestic abuser Roberto Osuna.

Directly after the incident was reported by Sports Illustrated’s Stephanie Apstein, the team denied it ever happening and said no one can corroborate the report. Well, multiple media members did exactly that and gave the Astros another notch in their heartless organization belt.

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After that, the Astros and Taubman said half-hearted apologies that meant completely nothing. A “sorry if that offended anyone” statement that is clearly trying to get everyone to forget about it and move on like nothing happened.

It took too long for the organization to eventually fire the assistant general manager and proved that they really care more about themselves than people that still support them. I don’t really expect anything more from a team that viewed Osuna’s legal trouble as an opportunity to acquire him for what appeared to be a bargain. They think about what is on the field rather than how that can affect the world surrounding them.

Well it was their bargain closer that gave up an RBI single to Juan Soto in the top of the eighth and handed the Nationals a two-run lead.

Enjoying the little things is what makes being a baseball fan worth it. Knowing everything that the Astros did to try and PR-maneuver around the acquisition of Osuna and having their douchebag assistant general manager scream his name to reporters in celebration — celebrating that they were able to acquire a domestic abuser — leads to a little bit of positivity.

Sometimes the world just gives you no hope that the people that celebrate their benefit over other’s misfortune, eventually doesn’t have everything go their way. Well losing the World Series because your asshole pitcher played horribly — among other things — might be some glimmer of hope.

The Washington Nationals and world champions and thank fuck the Astros are not.

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