Getting to know Enmanuel Beltre, the younger brother of Blue Jays prospect Manuel Beltre

Nick Prasad
2 months ago
The Blue Jays are amid the offseason and months away from the beginning of the international signing period, with tons of names in the mix. Aside from the prospects in this year’s class, a more familiar name is boiling in the developmental stages. Enmanuel Beltre is that name. 
Enmanuel Beltre is the younger brother of Blue Jays 28th-ranked prospect, Manuel Beltre, a 2021 international prospect signee. Enmanuel Beltre is currently only 15 years old, and originated from the Dominican Republic. He’s an infielder, similar to his brother, and portrays strong projection and well-displayed tools. 
The young shortstop participated in the 2021 12U Select Festival Player and recently played for FTB/14U Philadelphia Phillies. He’s currently uncommitted and set to graduate in 2027. The moment I saw this kid, he was a 12-year-old bearing skill you rarely see at that age. His swagger and persona on the field was intriguing and drew attention to this skillset. He was fundamentally sound in each part of his game, showing big-league notations in each tool. Physically, Beltre is developing and maturing flawlessly toward athletic competitiveness beyond his current level. 
Just a year ago he was listed at 5’6” at 130lbs. Currently, Perfect Game has him measured at 5’8” 148lbs. His vigorous and methodical athletic training program has his frame maturing from a young-standard build to athletic-strong to his age and profile. As a younger teenager, his physical makeup stands out as it is above the average muscular mass from the ground up. 
Perfect Game has his 60-yard time increasing from 7.93s to 7.40s, from a 71mph positional velocity to a 74 mph, a 69 mph exit velocity, and a 1.80s 10-yard split. When Beltre is 17-18 years old, his projections are promising. His positional velocity is projected to be 91-93mph, with an exit velocity averaging between 96-99 mph, and a 60-yard hovering seven or just clearing a sub-seven. 
Beltre is quick on his feet, moving with agility and brief twitch stints, with the ability to cover the hole and cover green in the infield. He works it well from the front hand and back hand, fielding with soft hands and quick across the body with a line-out throw. His bat is the most impressive part of his game, showing a natural strong swing with good hands, and bat speed. He works the ball all over the field, working oppo-field on command, and using up-the-middle with a line-drive approach. 
When Beltre is in his graduating year, the final high school product will be a gem to observe. Beltre’s name will be prioritized in the 2025 international class and the 2028 graduate class. The Blue Jays may find value in prioritizing Beltre due to his tools and the family that umbrellas this skill set. Toronto is expected to make a push. 


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